An argument for less.

March 11, 2014 § 2 Comments

Wandering will teach you so much about yourself.
I can’t even begin to explain it.

Anything you struggle with is amplified when you leave your everyday surroundings.  Do you talk down to customer service folks?  It will be hard for you to wander, as you will have your entire route run by them – down to your morning cup of coffee.  Are you always late?  Ha.  Good luck!  If you have balance issues, you’re bound to eat some pavement (:raises hand: Guilty).  And you’ll never be such a believer in foot inserts.  Never ever evah.
Also amplified?
How much STUFF you have.

There is no way on God’s earth that you can effectively wander with more than a backpack or suitcase full of stuff.  It will bog you down and slow you down.  You quickly learn what’s important.  You learn who is important, too, but that’s a different blog post altogether. 🙂

Last fall, I moved out of my big gorgeous Casita Azul.  Trying to run a house and a small business with this much traveling was just too difficult.  Besides, I knew that I would be on the road until mid-February with the holidays and gigs, so it didn’t make sense to be the only resident and letting go of that house has been so incredibly freeing.
I’ve found this freeing thing to be true with letting go of stuff regularly.

As I have driven and flown all over the nation the past 12 weeks, it’s been no more than one checked bag, purse, camera bag.  It’s felt like a lot to me – there’s all the cables and the filters and exactly HOW MANY TANK TOPS can one girl own?  (A lot.  It’s kind of sad, really.)
Just today, I unpacked into the new digs.  I’ll be here until the end of May and decided to actually hang things up.  Hangers make a place feel like home.  Some of my artwork is on the walls and my favorite Paige Puckett Pottery mug is on the counter, too.  (The coffee grinder stays in the trunk.) (You call it an addiction, I call it I-hate-the-morning.)

And this wild thing happened.
Turns out, this is all I own.


We aren’t gonna talk about the fact that everything falls into four colors.  Somewhere, my Momma is THRILLED that everything isn’t all black and that’s enough for me.  Honestly though, except for the t-shirt and jeans I am wearing, this is it.  And that’s during the winter!

Fans of simpler lives have already commented on how great this looks to them.  If you’ll notice, five of my 29 items are jackets.  In addition, there are two pullovers, a flannel, dress shirts, two dresses, two skirts, slacks, and my favorite GO PACK sweats way over there on the left (and all the tank tops) (shhhh).
I had to sneak in that NC State is wonderful and better than Carolina somehow, c’mon. 😉

Here’s the crazy part.
I sincerely had zero idea I was living on what most of us would call “so little”.
There hasn’t been any crazy frustration with what to wear and I even had a girl compliment me that I look really put together these past few months!
It wasn’t until today that I comprehended how little I owned.  And it doesn’t upset me.

How big is *your* closet?  Can you donate some of your unused items to amazing local non-profits?
In Raleigh, simply put your extra things in a new plastic bag to organizations like Interact or the Raleigh Rescue Mission.  Nicer items on hangers are accepted by Dress for Success!

I think you’d be surprised by how little you’ll miss things.
And how much your generosity would help someone struggling feel valued.


*Organizations included here were mentioned without incentive or payment.  They are merely a few of the incredible Raleigh area organizations helping love at-risk individuals.*


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§ 2 Responses to An argument for less.

  • I super love this. ❤ When I was traveling around before getting married, I was basically living out of my trunk too. Too much to carry in and out of each place I stopped at for the night! I had a storage, but after a month or two of not even going inside, I was like – why not just get rid of it? And a HUGE destash ensued, which resulting in years and years of excess baggage (both literally, and figuratively) falling off my shoulders. It was, as you put it: LIBERATING. I was free to do what I wanted. BE with people I wanted to. Drive anywhere and everywhere and make memories instead of material things.

    Even now, now that I know I am settled, and will finally be for a good long while, it's hard to buy things in excess of what I truly need, and was a kick in the pants to really flesh out my closet again with things like accessories, multi-colored dress shoes, and more than just one multi-purpose black cardigan, simply because I had the space to do so.

    And yes, even despite not having "seasons" of clothing, I still found a way to get rid of about half my closet once I truly took a look at it, and asked myself: "Why in the world am I still hanging onto this?" We donated about 3 BIG boxes of ball gowns, dress shoes, and who knows what else, and I haven't missed a single thing, and have thoroughly enjoyed the white space around my current wardrobe. ❤

  • Taraho says:

    I loved this blog post! I think true happiness comes from when you just let go of those things that hold you down and start focusing on what really matters in life! I thought of this blog post and wanted to share it because she talks about being happy and grateful for what God has already given us and to not worry about what we don’t have. Enjoy! 🙂

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