Pentru România.

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Let’s start with Justin Brodie Clark.
You don’t know him?  Well, we need to make that happen, first of all.  Say hi.



This guy can make me laugh like I can’t even explain.  He’s an incredibly generous person and despite some storms, he’s a really great friend.  Currently, he’s on long term mission with a ministry in Romania called Caminul Felix.  To learn more about them, feel free to click that pretty little link.  Essentially, they are a Christian organization providing homes and care for orphaned and abandoned children within the country.  Currently, they have over 200 kids!  Want to say hi to some of them, too? 🙂

Oh, hi!

Oh, hi!

The organization is incredible and has a *lot* of things going for it.  Having the ability to house, feed, clothe and assist so many children is amaziiiiiiiiing.

After being to eastern Europe in 2001, I was hooked.  I returned to Prague to live for a few months in 2012 and learned…ha.  Well, I learned a lot.  I went again last fall and have plans to be in the area again this summer to capture a Prague wedding!

There is something about eastern Europe that pulls on all of my heartstrings.  It’s a completely different culture, that is for sure, but the people are so incredibly beautiful.  When Brodie began to prepare to go, the idea of visiting him to help somehow danced in my head.  Just a few months later, in the midst of some of our many emails, the idea came to light:
“Amaris, you’re a photographer.  You capture people.  Portraits give love and worth, you say so yourself.  Come use your gifts for these people.”

Oh my gosh, YES.
Turns out, digital media is something Caminul Felix completely lacks.  They have incredibly limited resources for things like high quality videography and photography.  In eastern Europe, DSLR’s are scarce and once broken, incredibly difficult to repair.  After my time in both the former Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic, I have experienced this firsthand.  Digital media simply is not a priority in the budget and especially not for an orphanage with so many mouths to feed.  When we proposed our idea, their response was short and sweet:
“We need you.”

Ignite Student Ministries will be spearheading the trip and helping with virtually every facet.  Ignite’s President, Jason Vana, travels to the Czech Republic every summer with teams to love on the people there and has for a decade.  He understands how incredible eastern Europe really is.

I know, I know, you want to go and want details.  Skimmers, pay attention here! 😉
Dates: July 26-Aug 5
Team members will travel round trip from their home city (no, you do not have to be in Chicago or RDU!) to Budapest, Hungary.  Orientation and debrief for all team members will be here before we travel to Oradea, Romania by train.

People!  We are hoping to have a two part team for our week in country.  Another professional photographer and two videographers for the digital media portion of the trip.  You will be using your own gear.  In addition, Team 2 will have 7 team members to assist Caminul Felix with their ongoing activities.  They host VBS camps, teach sports, have construction projects and even an auto shop!  Medical needs are possible and we are still awaiting final word.  If you’ve got two hands and any kind of skill, we want to chat with you!

Each team member is responsible for raising their own support and we definitely partner with you on this!  This overall cost might be less, depending on airfare and some other factors we’re working out.  Ignite is working to supply us with donor letters, cards and all donations are tax-exempt.  In addition, donations may be made online as well as via check or certified funds.  Such a great ministry – seriously!

I’m interested.  How do we start this thing?!
I’d love to chat with you or your friend or your sister – whomever you think would want to go.  There is an application process and, like anything great, things might change.  But, seriously, if you’re interested, just reach out.  I might be one of the most accessible people on earth. 🙂
Email me here:
Tweet at me here: @ahmareiss
Facebook me here: Amaris Hames
Call me here: 919.244.2234
They also do still have carrier pigeons in select cities.

In the meantime, if you pray, please do!  This trip will be amazing and I’m so excited about working with both Ignite & Caminul Felix, even though J. Brodie won’t be able to join.  If you’re interested in giving towards the trip, you can reach me any of the ways listed and I would be thrilled to talk to you about it.

Pentru România.
For Romania.
For Love.

With great affection,


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