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December 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

All fall long, I’ve been looking forward to taking a break from the camera.  Reading a real book on a comfy chair in the top of a cigar lounge for as long as I want to stay.  No computers.

And then, a friend advised me to keep it handy for my trip home to Charleston for the holidays.  I told myself I was going to take my time and stop where I wanted to stop and it was going to be great.  So, today, photos grace the personal blog instead of the work one because I decided to take pictures that I wanted to take.  No contracts and no fiscal obligations.
Enter: The Murphy’s.

This family came to North Carolina and I cannot tell you how thankful a lot of us are.  These beautiful folks are gracious & hilarious troopers.  I mean, troopers.  Kristen gave birth to baby #3 at home with no drugs.  Did I mention they have planted a church in Fayetteville, NC?
Y’all, these. folks. are. great.

And beautiful baby girl arrived on Sunday morning and, just like that, the Murphy’s are a family of five.  I decided to see if they would let me come for a visit (fully expecting a no, I mean, hello, new baby!) and they almost immediately said yes!
They also let me capture a few moments of little girl’s second day on the big wide earth.

For the first time ever, through a variety of happy coincidences, I got to be the first guest of a family’s newest addition. (Am I beaming?  Maybe.)
Murphy’s, thank you for letting me spend some time with you.  I’m so glad I got to come.
The rest of you, say hi to Audra Kate Murphy.  🙂


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