La Casita es making me loca.

November 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

This house situation is pushing me to drink.

Right out the gate, none of it is anyone’s fault & there’s pretty solid relationships still standing all around the board.  But, I need something to happen.  I don’t care about the result, because I believe Papa will work things out of both His & my good, I just need something to LAND.  And for the love, SOON.

We have a great casita.  It’s not perfect.  She’s got character (and her own Facebook page – wha whaaaa).  Here, say hi.

Here’s a quick review:
We changed roomies over the summer and I became the only name on the lease.
Then, a roomie needed to move out for completely legitimate reasons.
Then, the other.  Leaving me alone.
We thought we had found at least one replacement and then, they had to back out.  Again, for totally legitimate reasons.

I’ve shown this house nearly 20 times.  Answered emails and dealt with no shows all during the busiest months of the year.
I. am. SO. done.

Do I want to move?  Kind of.  What I really want is a break.  A for real vacation.  If you’re sitting there wondering what I did during my time in Italy, let me tell you that is was not a vacation and just leave it there.
I certainly don’t want to give up such a wonderful house with the fenced in backyard and the resonating hardwoods.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t sometimes walk through our giant foyer and dream of dancing with a boy there.  There’s been many cigars smoked and beers consumed on the front porch and I’m grateful for the extra office space on the lower floor.
This house has been so good to me.

But, y’all, I’m just….over it.  Subletters don’t just emerge from thin air and new roommates don’t either.  Unless a miracle falls from the sky, my gorgeous parents will be coming this weekend to pack up everything except the bed and my computer.  I’ll pay rent ’til someone takes it.  That’s where I’m at.
Should someone take it soon, I’d be a bit of a wanderer for awhile.  Which isn’t new, duh.

So, I’m sorry if my social media has been super confusing.  I haven’t really known how to take all that this situation has been and put it in concise terms.
Don’t worry, Raleigh, I’m still with you at least half the year.  But, don’t think for a hot minute that I’m not going to take advantage of the opportunity to go to my Momma’s and sleep and go sit on the beach with my toes in the freezing cold water.  That might be the only thing you have going against you, land of the pine – the beach is way WAY too far away.

To all who have sent words of kindness or encouragement or offered to let me have a place to sleep in the RDU area, you’re awesome.  Like, really really awesome.
And if you know of someone looking to live in one of the most homey residences in the great DTR, send ’em on ovah!  It’s $1195 to take the whole thing and the lease runs ’til August 15th of next year.  I’m willing to consider roommate situations, too, if you know of someone chill & responsible.
And if you’d just like to come share beer and cigars on the front porch, just holler first?  I’d love to see you. 🙂



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