Not about boys. (But, there’s pictures!)

April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

As I reread a lot of the blog from the past year, I sure do talk a lot about boys.

Nearly every word has been out of the on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again-what-the-frickity-frick-are-we-doing I have with one, in particular.  But, today is not about boys!  Because they are exhausting.  There’s one hanging out there on the peripheral that might be a bit promising.
No boys.

Overall, I don’t talk a whole lot about one of the biggest drives in my life.  Creating beautiful imagery is this cacophony of dynamics that leaves my everything just…happy.  Just this weekend, I went from moody to completely stress-free in the amount of time it took to capture the joy of a baby.
Well, of course I’m going to introduce the baby.
World, meet Fletcher Matthew.

A veces, Fletchito.

A veces, Fletchito.

He’s this adorable in real life, too.  Promise.

The folks I work with are some of the best parts of any of my days.  Second shooters, assistants, clients, happy babies, the list goes on.  Forgive me for not sharing them with you more.  I really am incredibly thankful that I get to be such an integral part of stories.  Walking into a home with my work framed on the wall or strewn all over the desk at a Dad’s office or printed on a two foot by three foot canvas never fails to startle me.  These images that I spend hours with on a computer screen get put onto paper and receive an entirely new life of their own.  It’s magical.

And then, for the first time ever, my work graces a page.  Almost accidentally, some of my work from Prague got submitted to the NC State Design School for selection in their annual magazine.  In the Amaris Hames Game that is my life (like the Kevin Bacon Game, but it’s six degrees of Amaris Hames), my friend Brent sent me a text saying my images had come across his printing press.  Sunday night was the reception for all who had been selected to grace the pages of this year’s edition.

The piece?
My out-of-the-box Still Life with Egg & Bread.

327083_618280770395_392994732_o (1)
It is such a sweet season right now.  You cannot see my heart that overflows with gratitude and joy.  I hope my smiles and embraces convey at least half of it.  Thank you for being on this path with me and believing in me and supporting me.  It sincerely means so much.  To quote an old friend, I am reminded daily that I am not the answer.  But, I hope to faithfully play my part.

Eight years since I picked up a camera.  Five years since I picked up a digital.  Four months since I started doing photography as the only job.
Just getting started.

At La Casita Azul.

At La Casita Azul.
Image © Beth Parent, Inc.

This image is available as a print through my (new & exciting!) Etsy shop.
Peruse and order here.


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