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January 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

One of my most favorite messages came in last Friday from Richard, the gentleman I shared life with for quite awhile and who is still one of my good friends.

See, what ha happen was, I got fired last week.

About 24 hours afterwards, he chatted:
yeah, I figured I wouldn’t be the 1000th person to immediately go “OHEMGEE WHATHAPPENED!”
give you some peace ūüôā

(Now, you know why we’re still great friends. ¬†He’s incredibly considerate.)
There certainly aren’t a thousand of you. ¬†That’s ridiculous. ¬†I’m resisting going into a Dane Cook routine that is way way funnier with facial expressions and tone of voice. ¬†(You’re welcome.)

But, yes, I got fired. ¬†At the end of the work day, on the day I posted my last blog stating I am willing to take a studio position just about anywhere (the irony is not lost on me), my Human Resources representative quietly asked me to come chat with her in our Customer Service manager’s office. ¬†My brain immediately went to “Either someone has accused me of sexually harassing them or I am getting fired.” ¬†I couldn’t think of anything I had done that danced the line of sexual harassment and so, I assumed, I was being let go. ¬†Trying not to jump to ¬†conclusions, I went in, sat down, and they shut the door.

“Today is your last day”, she said.
And then, almost compulsively, I took my earpiece out of my ear, sat it on the couch next to me, and muttered “Oh, thank God.”
I wasn’t trying to react that way. ¬†In total honesty, I’ve never been fired. ¬†But, I did react that way. ¬†It was a bad fit and we both knew it. ¬†Working in a cubicle out in Research Triangle Park and leaving the house at 8am to return at 7pm every day is just not this girl’s bag. ¬†The environment was one that I just could not figure out how to function within. ¬†Unlike nearly every other 9-5 job I have had, ¬†I was trying to graduate college and help a dear friend in need and run a small business while doing said job. ¬†Full tilt is certainly how I roll, but when you combine this with the location and major speed bumps (like the car debacle) and my general level of exhaustion, it proved a toxic mix.

My desk was packed up and I was walked to the front door by a great staff member.  My feedback has been welcomed by our customer service manager and I hugged my supervisor and asked her to go for beer soon.  There are some really wonderful souls inside those four walls.

And then, I got into my new wheels, let out a big deep breath of relief and went for a drive.  Called my folks and my business partner and my best friend.  Giggled a few times, thought about how I was sleeping in on Friday, and I have gone running almost every day since.

Emily¬†messaged me the next day and said “I think this might be Jesus’ way of wiping the sweat off your brow” and I couldn’t help but smile at the imagery. ¬†It certainly was a long six months and, as I currently sit in a pie shop in Washington, D.C. with some amazing women, I’m so SO thankful for the breather.

I had already scheduled meetings for all of this coming week with lots of folks on how to make the small business the only business. ¬†Long sessions hammering out terms and stationary and processes and formatting. ¬†It’s scary and incredible and beautiful and terrifying, all at once. ¬†However, because someone believes in me, there is a new toy on the way that will make all of it so much easier.

It’s exciting! ¬†Though it will require sincere discipline and planning on my part, I am not worried. ¬†Nearly daily, the words of Romans display themselves as if on my own personal marquee:

And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good.

While I work to see what the new path looks like, I’m thrilled to have time to see each of you. ¬†There’s more sleep, too, and time for working out. ¬†If you would like to join for a run, or yoga, or take a day trip to the ocean, or do silly photos, just get in touch. ¬†I am also open to games of chess in great bars, giggling on the couch, and on March 28th, a group of us will be attending the NC Symphony concert starring Boyz II Men.
You read that right.

Thank you for joining on the journey.
So much Love,


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