To Nicaragua. For Love.

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Someone told me once that they still felt adopted.

“But you, YOU Amaris, it is obvious that you are a daughter of Jesus.  It permeates all of your life.”

I didn’t really know what to do with that.  What does that even mean?  How do they not feel the same?  It served as the catalyst for quite a few conversations.  In the end, I decided that it meant I shined and maybe, just maybe, they didn’t feel like they shined.  (It’s a lie.  They radiate, too.)

While the conversation was a couple of months ago, it’s been with me since.  And then, we decide to set up a day to capture the portrait of my friend Jen Boulos.  And y’all, it’s like someone turned on the mother truckin’ light switch!


Oh, hai.

Jen has a radiant spirit.
It is obvious she is a daughter of the most high God.

And her gorgeous heart has developed a room just for the people of Nicaragua.

Last week, I captured her portrait before she leaves the country.  In the midst of it, I wanted to get a photo of her necklace and asked if it was a cutout of where she’s going.
“Es mi Nica”, she said.
And then, the girl beamed.



Starting next month, she has the chance to go love on Nicaragua full time for the next three years.  Partnering with YoungLife, she is more than 85% funded!  As someone who has stood in the shoes of raising funds, money is tricky.  There are lots of places and things it could go.  Anyone who has ever done full-time ministry can tell you that asking for support is hard and weighty.  We recognize the weight of our request.

Would you consider partnering with her?  She’d love to meet you for a coffee (or bring you amazing Nicaraguan coffee!) and tell you all about what she’ll be doing and whom she will be loving.  The moment you meet her, you will know how much Jesus is changing her.  You will not leave your meeting unaffected.  Promise.

She’s due on a plane in four weeks.

If you’d like to help, in any way, please get in touch.


And one more from the day of fun with the most drama free women I know.  You’re welcome.

Don't tell me you don't love this.

Don’t tell me you don’t love this.



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