They call him Spot. I want to call him Ralph.

November 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Last Sunday night, I nearly wet my pants.

It was the end of another day and I was lugging everything valuable out of the car as I came in for the night.  Sunday’s might be your day of rest, but they’re one of my longest work days.  As I was the last one in, I parked the (loaner-from-those-Charleston-folk) car across the street. On one arm I had one of my cameras, a water bottle under that arm, a ring on my purse wrapped around my pinky as some leftovers were in the other hand and my daypack over my shoulder.

I walked around the bushes that line the street to go up the wide front stairs.  Between the hedge and the stairs is approximately 8 feet of “sidewalk”.  It’s more like a patio.  It’s not that big.  And as I came around those bushes, standing right on that patio space staring straight at me was a dog.  Clearly a pit or a pit mix, I could smell him from the ten feet away and the chain he had clearly once been on was dangling from his collar.

“Hi….buuuuuuddddyyyyy,” I say.
He just stands there.
“Are you friendly?  Is that chain something you hate or something you tolerate?  Um, can I get up the stairs?”
I still didn’t really feel safe to move and he was just standing there.

Times like the one I found myself in are where I am super-duper thankful for my deep and loud voice.  Give me crap about my volume all you want.  Sometimes, that mess comes in handy!

We locked Milo up and went to town on the social media.  What in the heck were we to do with a stray (and clearly neglected) pit at 10pm on a Sunday?  And you guys, you beautiful stinking people, totally stepped up your game.  Within an hour, we were just a few blocks away at a vet tech’s house with a kennel and blankets for the night, the cops had showed up (they couldn’t help much), and a pit rescue organization was calling me.


The pup was a champ.  He drank a gallon and change of water, perused the house, and easily climbed into and out of the car.  He really REALLY likes the front seat (and getting him back to the back might be the funniest five minutes of the whole week).  He interacts well with other dogs, that we saw, and LOVES to be rubbed down.

Sarah Mother-Trucker Fish managed to get him to the shelter the next day where he could be cared for more properly.  They’ve loved on him and cleaned him up and named him Spot.
I don’t know about you, but he clearly looks like a Ralph.  That’s just me.  He’s way way cooler than a name like “Spot”.

And Spralph is now up for adoption!
There are a couple of different organizations that have offered to help with shots, neutering, etc and the shelter can help with this, too.  If you can FOSTER, they’ll give you just about everything under the sun to help out.

If you can help, please please get in touch.  Spread the word.  I’m willing to drive this lil’ guy up up to 250 miles for you (in my NEW SHINY CAR!  More on that later).  Pits deserve a chance.

And, let’s get real, how in the holy heck do you not love this face?
I mean, really.

I’m so handsome.

Wake County Shelter Page

Love me.



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