Why my life is fantastical (Ed. #3)

October 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Thankfulness is a choice.  Just like joy and Love and drinking pumpkin bourbon milkshakes.  They all bless my life.

Amidst the broken, these are a few things helping me glue things together.

*My gorgeous parents graced our Casita this weekend.  We went to see family and it was lovely.  Fire pits and BBQ and beautiful weather all managed to offset a speed bump or two and my normal hug quota was filled.

My Daddy, Momma’s cousin Joey, Uncle Denny, and Uncle Van, the gracious host. Some very wonderful men. 🙂

Fire pits, a beautiful lake house, big chairs, and BBQ. Grand day.

*Texts have graced my phone this week that increase my joy.
“I am currently watching an old, rotund, hispanic man salsa dance by himself, shirtless in the middle of Washington Square Park.  Wish you were here.” -Amy
“Big fat hugs to you, Amaris.  You are loved.” -Bev
“This made me think of you!  (Insert image of two very classy ladies.  One asks the other “Do I reek of bourbon?”) -Tonya

*Sarah P. (in Hawaii!  Hey oh, Sarah!) sent me this:

She said it’s for my wall. I think it’s for my life.

*And then, in the midst of the heavy, I got a text from Austin Zane.
“The Edible Arrangement delivery man just dropped something off at the front door.”
Me: “From who?!?!”
Him: “Amber Heeley.”
Me: “Dawwwwwwww.”
Chocolate covered strawberries and one of the most encouraging notes I have ever received arrived.  We’re still eating them, we love them so much.  Amber Heeley, I cannot wait to hug you.  🙂

*For an hour and some change, I shared a table with Theresa, Ashley, Sarah Fish, and Milo.  Margaritas, empanadas, and enough avocado for the week were consumed while people hung out of their cars to holler at Milo.  These women bless my soul and encourage me daily.
And, I mean, who doesn’t freaking love a Milo?


*I found this online.
Oh, hallelujah.
When You Are Not Enough – by Thad

*Repeat (again): Poison & Wine
*And repeat: I Will Not Take My Love Away

*On Saturday, the fantastic Brittany let me use her camera as mine is throwing a code.  And I got to capture a family’s very first professional photograph.
Meet the Perkins Family!

*Lastly, but not least, my ticket count for graduation has been turned in.  A rather large number of empanadas has been ordered.
In two months and one week, I will walk across a stage in a gorgeous red dress to finish off this season.

I am so thankful for each of you.


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