Mi vida es fantastical.

September 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

My opinion on bourbon is highly valued.

Did you know?  Me, either!  But, a few days ago, I received an email wanting my opinions on beer, bourbon, and tobacco.  Frankly, that tells me I’m doing something right with my life.  And this wasn’t the only example.  It’s hard to quantify how much I’ve smiled this week.
So, in no particular order, these are the things making my life absolutely gorgeous these past seven days.  (That email being number one.) (Just in case you’re a little OC and need to keep track.)

-Oh, my dear friend Beau sent this my way.  Awesomeness.  I am in le love.
Hint: Start with the whistling. (3:13 is mi favorito on the whistling.)

-It has been a consistent 65 degrees when I get out of work each day.  Swoon.

21 secrets for your 20’s.
I can’t remember who passed this along, but YERSH.  And number 21, hallelujahpreachit.

-Chris and his amazing self sent me an envelope from “Friend-in-a-box, Inc.” with an address eeeeeeeerily similar to his apartment in Chicago.  Inside was my “welcome letter” and 10ish friend “signifiers.”
Read: self-portraits he took doing various faces with text placed over the photo telling me what face it was.
I must have laughed for a straight half an hour.  I’m giggling now, actually.
DO THIS to someone.  It’s so so great.

-This also showed up in the mail.  (My birthday is in January, for the record.)
Andrea seriously needs to not live so far away.  🙂

-A fellow wedding photographer tweeted me during a reception in Italy, wishing I was with her.
Another invited me to Scotland for a wedding today, too.
My heartstrings are everywhere.  Some days it’s hard.  Today it’s magical.

-Someone.  Buy me this so that I can wear it EVERY DAY.
I am only kind of kidding.

-I’m in a pair of jeans that were not only less than 20 bucks, but are one size smaller than I was.

-Guess what’s coming?  The Fair!!!  Aaaaaaaaand hat weather.  I’m so excited about cooler temperatures that allow me to bust out all of the loveliness.  Just today, as a present, I got this (YEEP!):

-Hannah Anderson has officially joined Amaris Fotographic!  She’s already helping keep me sane.
Haven’t met Hannah?  Here:

-A (similarly aged and good looking graphic designer) customer at the day job used my name from my work email to track me down and friend me on Facebook.
Bahahahaha.  No, seriously.

-My dreams last night were all about spending time with Bethie.  We ate brunch in her bright and beautiful Manhattan mansion (Upper West Side).  As we walked out back, we could see our breath due to the cold and my legs were thankful for the tall leather boots they wore.  We giggled all the way to the stable to meet her horses.
I was sad to wake up.

-Lastly, but certainly not least, words of mine that had been confined to a box were finally able to breathe the outside air.  Healthy conflict is refreshing.
Redemption is even more so.

Thankful for you each.


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