Paleo. Ish.

July 10, 2012 § 3 Comments

Something had to give.

Though I have always longed to run fast (just ask my Momma about me chasing boys around the kindergarten playground) (true story) and be an athlete, womanhood barged through my door in the sixth grade and I have been trying to adapt to it since.  I grew 8 inches in those 9 months and went from only slightly above average to getting asked to a dance by a high schooler.  The weight has been a struggle in the 18 years since.

Eighteen, y’all.  Eight. teen.
Isn’t that ridikuhluss??
I’ve strived to not let it slow me down and attempted to embrace myself just as she is with all her imperfections.
There seems to have always been dancing.  Jobs I’ve worked forever that kept me on my feet and going 90mph.  Ultimate frisbee, flag football, wedding photography, running, go, go, go, go, and Go.
You know this already: I don’t sit still very well.

And as the weight has remained, I make jokes about it.  Try to act like it doesn’t bother me.
But, it’s been frustrating.

And then, girl grew up and moved on over to Europe.  Where the portion sizes on just about everything are still at a reasonable level and there’s so much less sugar I didn’t even know what to do with myself.  There was also so much walking I may have called Beth Parent whining about how I just knew that my legs were going to fall off.
“Buddy, no, listen.  They are done.  They’re leaving me for a better woman like, tomorrow.”  (They didn’t.  Thank God.)

While in Europe, all my clothes got bigger.  I gained a neck and shoulders that were prettier and more graceful than ever before.  I had a chance to see my potential that hadn’t appeared in the entire season I trained for a half marathon.

With some awesome support, I’ve hopped on a (mostly) Paleo diet.  Gluten and grain free with no dairy and no processed sugar.  Ashley & I gave ourselves three cheat items, too.  Peanut butter and morning Greek yogurt are still edible for both of us; I am allowed a gluten free cupcake twice a week and she gets Cook-Out milkshakes.  She’s training for a triathalon so she gets more privileges. 🙂
What are we eating?  I know, right.  What’s left?  That’s nearly all the fun stuff!

Mid-rare london broil with rosemary, green beans, and blackberry smoothies.
Grilled tilapia tacos (use lettuce leaves as tortillas), with pineapple/mango/tomato/cilantro/lime juice salsa, baked plantain chips.
Grilled shrimp salad: Mixed greens, avocado, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, olive oil.
Scrambled eggs, fresh peaches, and apple chicken sausage in the mornings (smoothies on the side with protein powder).
Oh, and at least three liters of water a day, though it’s closer to 5.  Right.  Over a gallon.

We’re trying to keep it fresh, clean, and legit.  A lot less eating out, but my constant acid reflux is significantly reduced and in just one week, I am five pounds down.
In a WEEK.

Now, I attended CrossFit last week, too. It was insanely intense and I was straight up slimy from all the sweat, but I also saw the top of the pull-up bar for the first time in my life.
Yeah, you read that right.  It was kind of addicting.
Throwing around a giant barbell on the rubber floor was also kind of addicting.  Your arms are tired?
Just drop it!
The massive WHAM it makes on the floor is one of the most satisfying things ever.  Like, “Screw you, barbell.”

I also ran twice.  Once at night in 94 degree heat with Ashley and another at the YMCA on my own for 35-45 minutes each time.  And, with any luck, I’ll be in a pool as soon as possible.  There’s a pair of fins that are itching to be used.
Pushing your body is not fun at first.  For some, it’s never fun.  But, as my gorgeous Momma says, change will come when the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of change.

Turns out, change isn’t all that painful.  Especially when you have some support.  And the support exists, I promise.  If no one else will support, I will.
If you’d like to run or swim or lift or use the NC State campus as an obstacle course, holler.  I don’t care if it’s raining.
If you want to vent or ask questions, go right ahead.

I will never claim to know everything or be an expert.
But, I’ll share knowledge once a week.  You know there will be photos.
Bring on the recommendations and Love.
I’m gonna need both.

With Love,


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