Baby steps.

July 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

There are so many records spinning on so many turntables at the moment I have a hard time distinguishing amongst them in the cacophony. Though a bit chaotic, I think we all know I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The music might feel overwhelming at times, but it is beautiful.

Ashley & Sarah & I have signed a lease on a house that officially becomes ours in three weeks.  The color of a bluebird and in the heart of Raleigh with four bedrooms and a studio space to boot.  We are eager to make memories and live life underneath its roof in a neighborhood of fellow Vintage family and many whom need love.  Housewarming parties and grill-outs for the neighbors are already in the works and you’d best believe I’ll be putting art on the walls.  If you’re a local artist, we’d love to support you!  We cannot wait to have a home full of art crafted by friends and Carolinians we’ll meet through it.  If it can hang on a wall, please, tell us all about it.

Is it only us women that get so…so…I donno, domestic when it comes to a house?  The minute we heard the news my brain went into Warp 8.2.  “Will they let us paint?  Can I take the doors off the cabinets?  Maybe we should just get a COSTCO membership as a house (we are, btw).  How do you feel about old blue china?  We’ll need a special shower curtain for the down…CURTAINS!  IKEA had some on sale and ohhhh canvas is on sale mega cheap right now at….Sarah.  Please tell me to shut the hell up.”
I was (and am) so excited about a home base I could hardly contain myself.  Ideas for canvas on the walls and delicate silverware danced in my head.  Visions of late nights on the front porch with a hot tea listening to This Will Destroy You consumed my daydreams.
That’s a lie.
They still consume my daydreams.

While Sarah is away this month, Ashley & I have kickstarted a new way to eat into our routine as well.  Primarily Paleo in nature, gluten has disappeared from our daily intake along with sugar and almost all processed food in general.  We will be eating at home a lot, but in the four days since starting it, I’m already at the lowest weight I can remember.  Like, in my whole life.  The last numbers I remember are in the 8th grade, so not my whollllle life.  My whole adult life, though!  The body transformation definitely started in Prague and now, here we go, one step further.  It’s all baby steps.

On the plane that brought me to America, I wrote words in the magnificent Czech journal I received from Amy.  “I return home longing to release my inner athlete. To push my body in a better way.  I possess less of a love for sugar and more of a love for water.  I’ve seen a glimpse of a better me and uh, she’s fricking hot.” (No, seriously, I wrote that.)

So, I’m back at the gym.  I attended CrossFit (and didn’t die!) (however, please do not ask me to lift my arms above my head) (unless you have Advil).  Ashley and I went running in 95 degree heat with nearly 100% humidity.  I think I’ll be sore until I’m like, 78.  And I will whine loudly and talk about how much things suck and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a considerable increase in the amount of grunting I do.

But, I will keep going.  And I hope to share meal plans and workout plans with you, too.  People have taken the time to share with and mentor me.  The least I can do is pass on the knowledge and the love.  Besides, if at the end of it all my body weight is down to a healthy range, despite my crazy life and affection bordering on obscenity for banana pudding, then you know you can do it, too.

We’re on this dirt-covered rock together.
Why not live this crazy beautiful life together?

Just one tiny little baby step at a time.


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