People are people, no matter how small. -Dr. Seuss

June 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I caved.

Yep, though my own small photography business is still kickin’, I up and chased a big-girl 9-6 job.  You know, with benefits, and a stable paycheck, and a breakroom.

Luckily, because I am loved, the company is fantastic.  For the first few days, all I talked about was how normal everyone seemed to be.  Random strangers would say hello to me in the hallway and there’s Nerf gun wars and I get to wear jeans.  They are all just. so. nice.

That’s a word I’ve used I-don’t-even-know-how-many-times since returning home from Europe.  It was refreshing to pull into Raleigh, roll into Raleigh Times, and camp at an outside table laughing ’til I cried with some of the world’s most gorgeous and hilarious women.  It was refreshing to see my Momma and Dad.  It was refreshing to share beer and fried green tomatoes at The Pit with Daniel.  Earlier tonight, something like 30 of my top 100 favorite people were all in the same room after a church training.  I stayed an extra hour for hugs and laughter and arm squeezes and even more hugs.

You see the trend?
On the way out of the training, my heart wanted to fly around the block a couple of times she was so happy and I sang (quite loudly) “Iiiiiiiii loooooooove Amerricaaaaaaaaa.”  It’s so true.  I do.

Don’t get me wrong.  Europe has a beauty and a depth of soul all her own and I am thankful I went.
But, she doesn’t have my people or the gorgeous children of my people.  The tiny ones sportin flip-flops with a strap on the heel who are just not quite able to say the letter R.  The ones who come up to me while I talk to their momma and belt out “HAY! Haaaaaaaay!….you da ladee dat took my pic-chuw”.
I beam.
And then chase them around the room.

People are the key to my heart and returning from Europe has just emphasized the point.  I didn’t even realize how dry my spirit really was until just last week.  And I recognize that not everyone loves people.  Not everyone is like me.  Thank. sweetbabyJesus.  I think a world full of me’s wouldn’t get anything done because of all the rambling and bourbon drinking and laughter.  Oh sure, it’d be a great time.  Just not very productive.

But, if people are not really “your thing”, let me urge you to fight through it.  For quite a few years, I freaked out (on the inside) when I met a new person and my sense of entitlement outweighed my desire to show Love.  This level of extrovert takes discipline and practice, let me tell you.  It gets easier, though.
Try to find the good and the talent in every person.  It exists.  I promise.
It exists in you.  In me.  In that sassy little cashier at the Target.  In that obnoxious lawyer type that doesn’t tip.

If no one ever believed in anyone, we would never get anywhere.
You wouldn’t ever get a thing or move forward.
We are where we are because someone believed in us.

Believe in people.  They’re worth it.  And, sometimes, even if it’s seven years later, they just might surprise the hell outta you.


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