Stand up.

May 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

You are not worthy.

Words that whispered from the undercurrent during a conversation I had last week with a lovely.  Through the screen of deep-seated fears that were founded in (unfair) comparison with other women, it is what I heard.  Her fears of where to call home and hope for the relationship in her life at the moment were all surface issues.  All situations that many women in my life are faced with at one point or another.

I spoke truth to her.
When nothing but lies are running rampant, the only way to squash them is to say things that are true and beautiful and good.  I wanted to remind her of her identity, her beauty, how deeply she is loved.  “Be secure and rest in that”, I said.  “Fight the lies.”

The very. next. day. I am driving around with the gorgeous Ashley telling her of some fears I am in the middle of fighting.  As we drove, I was looking at the road and, despite my lack of peripheral vision, I could feel her staring at me in disbelief.  “I know”, I said.  “Super confident extrovert loves-the-world Amaris has insecurities.  Who knew?”

And then, the most amazing thing.  Ashley spoke truth to ME.
“Amaris.  AMARIS.  You are beautiful!  Get that junk out of your head.  You hear me?  Get it out!”
I love it when life works like this.  A lovely needs love and within 24 hours I need it myself.  I can’t speak for the men, but ladies, we are assaulted from every angle with crap of how we must push harder, run farther, be on time, smile always, show grace, know how to make perfect biscuits, love others, and be color-coordinated with great shoes while doing it.  Somehow, we believe that if we are not able to do all of these things, especially when Katie T. Homemaker always seems to have her junk together, we have failed.  All of these ideas batter their way through the door to convince us we are less than.

So, if no one has told you today, allow me…
You are not less than.  You are more than.
You are liked, loved, and adored.  I love the scowls you get when you’re frustrated with something and your laughter gives flight to my heart.  Dancing with you in random places are some of my most favorite memories and the way you give of yourselves overwhelms me with joy.  Who you are today, not old you, not future you either, but who you are at this very right-now moment is absolutely breathtaking.  Please hear that well.


Find another beauty and tell her, too.
Fight the lies.





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