Doma. Casa. Home. Hallelujah.

May 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the past seven days, I’ve tried to process the last 100 days.
Someone asked me to sum them all up with just one word.  After approximately 2.7 seconds, I blinked, looked right at them and said “Crazy-pants”.

I was supposed to go.  I know it.  There was something nearly every day that confirmed I was in the right place and doing the right thing.  If you were a part of making that happen, I do not even know where to begin in thanking you.
From the bottom of my pretty-squishy heart, THANK. YOU.

Two planes, four metro cars, a train, two busses, AND a cab all got me to Andrea.  Then, a week ago, I climbed into a car in DC with the gorgeous Katie & Anne Marie bound for Raleigh.  As I told Beth, the closer I got to home, the bigger my heart felt.  And in the past sevenish days, the hugs have been plentiful and I’ve laughed ’til I’ve cried so many times I can hardly stand it.  Lots of you have asked similar questions.  So, I’ve attempted to answer the top three.

What was my favorite part?
The people.  I mean, are you surprised?
Zuzana and Brian and Allie and Michal and Adad and Anael and Dana and Miroslav and Marian and Ana and the other students and seeing my dear friend Kim from like ten years ago and her husband Joe and their boys, I mean, seriously.  People are gorgeous and this trip was no exception.

What was my least favorite part?
A lot of the food.  I consistently wondered if there was something on the menu NOT swimming in gravy.
How my cowboy boots were not made for cobblestones (resulting in me busting my ass uh, like, a lot).
Being sick for the entire month of February.  My body sucks at changing continents turns out.
And, probably the most, a lack of community.  I was surrounded by people, but they were all new people.  I became addicted to the internet as I tried to keep up with all of your lives.  Yes, I AM a professional facebook stalker now.

How did I change?
There’s at least five ways.  I’m sure there are likely more, but things that you do for long periods of time also take time to fully process.  I’m still working through it.

I come home with an appreciation for Raleigh and home and America that I thought I knew before, but I most certainly did not.
I come home with an appreciation for china.  Like the plates.  Did you see that coming?  It’s still kind of freaking me out.
I come home with an appreciation for one-on-one conversations and smaller tables.
I come home with more joy in my soul from the healing that was brought during my time away.
I come home with overwhelming gratitude for my community and church.

Life without them was weird and difficult.  I had to figure out who I was and how I acted and what I believed (and why) without them around to talk about life and be ridiculous.  It’s eye-opening to be in the midst of such a different dynamic.

I come home without a sweet tea addiction.  WHOA.  (You just said it out loud, too, didn’t you?)
I come home ready to set up a home base (see above mention of china).
I come home with a heart that wants to beat louder and run faster and give more than I have ever dared to dream.

Prague was the perfect punctuation to end a beautiful season of my life.
And though I know a big part of my heart will always beat for Spain, it’s really really REALLY grand to be home.

Come find me.  I would love to embrace you.


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