End of the extrovert.

March 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

I am an extrovert.

Just like the fact that my Momma is freaking fantastic, this is not news.
However, we have reached the end of the extrovert.  Officially, it takes approximately 30 days, 16 hours, and 2 minutes before I hit the end.  How do I know this?
I snapped yesterday.

After going from living in my own 850 square feet (78 square meters), I’ve gone to sharing a room about 1/3 that size with another in a hostel we share with 34 others.  At least.  That’s just our program.  We eat a lot of meals together, travel together, and attend classes together.  Finding alone time is difficult and I am oh-so-thankful for noise-canceling headphones.

But, I hate snapping.  I wound up sitting in the bathroom for approximately 40 minutes afterwards because it’s quiet in there.  Later, two of my studio mates cooked for me.  We all understand that the lack of space will effect each of us at some point.  I am thankful for their beautiful selves.

The Czech people are also so beautiful.  More than once I’ve watched some on the tram switch into English in order to help a tourist out with a stroller, explaining the buttons on the tram and how to get into the metro station.  They’ve corrected my Czech with a smile, happily pointed me in the right direction of wherever I’m trying to go, the kindest man ever polished my worn-out boots, and they are really great at sign language when the language barrier is insurmountable.  (I’m getting pretty great at sign language myself.)

On the whole, the outlook is much brighter as I am now THREE days strong of feeling like a normal person.  If you haven’t been around, or are not on social media, I had some sort of sick for 28 straight days.  No, you read that right.

From bronchitis to needing Immodium AD to a sinus infection to food poisoning, it just didn’t stop.  Finally, thankfully, mercifully, I am up to pretty much 100%.  Just in time to go celebrate the beautiful Bethie in España!  Traveling within Europe is basically dirt cheap and she is going on a visit trip as she is praying about moving.  We worked out the timing and I get to spend her actual birthday with her in Madrid.

After the past month, the warmer temperatures, wine, and her beautiful face are going to be incredible.
Vděčný, vděčný, vděčný.
(Vudneshny is about how you pronounce that).
Thankful, thankful, thankful.
I am.

I got all fancy and put my images in a movie for you.
The song, “Be Still” by The Fray, has really centered me this past week.
Love y’all,


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