Praha. Praga. Prague. Swoon.

February 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Nearly two full years ago, my beautiful Momma sent me this email after I had sent her an email of frustration.  It’s the only one in my inbox that has a special star on it and I did that so it will always appear at the top of my multiple inboxes.  (You don’t know about multiple inboxes in gmail?  Shew…just holler.  Amazeballs.)
Her email said:

I hear you. BUT God doesn’t waste a life experience.  So look at ALL that NC State has to offer, and you might be finishing earlier than you thought headed in a direction perhaps totally unexpected but really really GOOD for you and glorifying God in ways you did not ever think about! It’s exciting! 😀 You Are Awesome!! Yes, we willl pray!
Your Chocolate Ninja Mom (WAAAAHHHKAAAA!)

First, yes, emails from my Momma almost always go along these lines.  I do not doubt for a second that her infectious spirit is a large reason for the amount of joy that radiates from our family.  I am really thankful that my parents are so hilarious.

The email caused me to take a few steps back from what I thought would be my college path and look at all available options.  One of them, which reached out and slapped me back then, was the digital photography program in Prague, Czech Republic through the College of Design.  Push fast forward through 20 months.

Já v Praze!
I’m in Prague!

Can you believe it?  I sure as heck can’t.
Though I’ve only been here two weeks, there’s no possible way for me to properly tell you about everything that’s happened.  I’m the oldest student on the trip, I’m pretty sure, which got me labeled “Mom” by day 3, but secretly, I kind of love it.  Each student on this trip has shown themselves to be pretty great on some level.  A few of them have never left the States and some are avid travelers.  There’s at least four major programs within the campus here and we’ve all struggled to get our feet under us with the jet lag and the new germs and the secret passageways.

Seriously, there are secret passageways.  Everywhere!  It’s like being in Narnia with the medieval architecture and cobblestone streets.  Add to that intricately constructed double doors that stand 8-15 feet tall that lead one through a hallway and into another alley or square and it’s almost as if I am living a movie.  Wild, I tell you.

And I am only here because of your kindness and love and support.
Over 65 of you, either as individuals or families, gave of yourselves in some way to help get me here.  Whether through a donation of cash, or a backpack, or feeding me, thank you doesn’t even begin to cover my gratitude.  Supercalifragilistic thanks doesn’t either.  If you haven’t yet gotten it, a small token of my handwritten appreciation should grace your mailbox soon.

I have no idea what the next 90 days holds.  And, once back Stateside, I will be done with classes and free to roam about the country.  Beth is calling it my “late quarter life crisis”.  Though I will, technically, graduate in December, if I were to take a job in New York in June, I could.  Or Charleston.  Or Chicago!  I really don’t know what happens after Prague.

But, for now, I’m just trying to enjoy the days as they come.  The snow is magical, this city is beautiful, and I miss you.

Love much and eat big.

Uploading these took over a half hour.  So, feel loved. 😉



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  • Jason Vana says:

    I am so jealous of you and so happy for you at the same time! If you haven’t found it already, you need to hunt down the narrowest stairway in Prague. I have a picture of it on my FB. There is actually a light that changes red and green to let you know when you can enter the staircase. It’s so cool!

    And I think you should move to Chicago after you came back from Prague, but I might be a bit biased! 😀

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