Usually, I’m very wary of shiny new things.

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

New season.
There’s like an inner shift, or signal, that tells your soul that you are on the edge of a clearing.  A big field with captivating evening light and big sky where the breathing is easier.

I am there.  My soul is better for it.

It has been a long long while since I was on the brink of a new season.  Almost seven years, to be exact.  It leaves me nervous and exhilarated and joyful (even more than usual).  As this pile of change has approached, part of me has thought I was fooling myself.  And yet, here we are.  Me, sitting in a lovely older apartment in DC, just hours away from traveling to New York.

A few days after that, I leave the United States.
And, oh how much can happen in just 100 days.

I am most looking forward to standing in a square, with snow in my hair, listening to a dozen languages walk by, and knowing that it is no accident that I am standing in that spot.  I am looking forward to meeting the McLure’s, and singing in Czech, and capturing the souls of eastern Europe in my tiny little box.

Change comes.
Seasons march along.
I was weary, and weighted, and broken.  And along came refuge, and relief, and healing.

Just. keep. trucking.
And when the weight gets to be too much, holler.  I’ll gladly listen when my arms can’t reach.  And I’ll gladly embrace you when they can.

Just keep trucking.


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