Jesus gave me a margarita. To GO.

December 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Guess who’s got herself a plane ticket to Prague?

It’s a one-way to London, technically, but I’ve got the Prague leg purchased, too.  And the ticket home will be purchased in a couple of months.  We’re down to the last few hundred.
There seriously aren’t words to put here about how much my brain implodes in this process.  As I’ve needed it, it’s showed up.  It’s worked like this before in my life, but this is just taking it to a whole ‘nother level.

Like, there was this one time that Lisa & I walked over to eat mexican in Cameron Village.  Afterwards, we went to purchase small groceries at Harris Teeter.  But, due to margaritas (which resulted in me dancing to my own made up tune about applesauce on the applesauce aisle), we had a shopping trip long debate about how we would get home.
And, just like that, we ran into Liz, who lives just 3 doors down from Lisa.  A mere 60 feet.
Lisa pointed at me and goes, “It’s because I’m with YOU!!!”
Y’all, I don’t ask for the random.  It just happens.

Earlier this week, Momma & I went to eat Mexican (do you see a theme?) and had just 42 minutes to order, eat, and get out the door to my dental appointment.  But, it had been quite. the. day. and I ordered a margarita.  I was all proud because I had ordered completely in Spanish until Jesus (the server, not God) brings me a glass literally the size of my head.
2 brain freezes and a lot of chest pain later, as I tried to down the thing, I was only halfway through it when we had to skeedaddle.
Momma: “I bet he’d put it in a to go cup for you.”
Me: “Momma, that is ILLEGAL.”
Momma: “You bat them big brown eyes?  How much you wanna bet?”
I lost a chocolate molten lava cake from Chili’s.

Somehow, as Jesus refused to answer any of my questions asked in English, I asked him if I could touch him with me.
Not take IT with me….touch HIM with me.
Of course he was all “Vaminos!”  No, Jesus, we are not going anywhere.

He then leaned over and goes “I’m not supposed to.  But, I bring you the cup and whatever happens, just don’t tell me.”
Best dentist visit EVER.

Tell the people you love that you love them.
Tell them again in 97 days.  Just ’cause.

Have a beautiful Christmas, y’all.


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