Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

December 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

For those of you unable to watch videos at work or on your dying laptop, the text has been transcribed for you.  Otherwise, click play!
Love, amaris
PS – We’re still selling down to the walls this Sunday, December 18th from 1-5pm! 

In the past, by more than one of you, I have been accused of being one of the most expressive people that some of you have ever met.  So, with that in mind, I bring you to my first ever video blog.  A vlog about Prague.
I know.
It’s kind of sad how happy that makes me.

I am going.
I am going!

You guys are amazing beautiful people and those words still have a really hard time formulating themselves as, over the past however long, I have really struggled & lamented & prayed about this opportunity as I strived to seek the best route possible for my last semester at NC State.

And the outpouring has been absolutely mind. blowing.
Humbling, I think, is probably a better word.

Being an adult student is not easy.  I joke all the time that being an adult might be the most exhaustive thing I’ve ever done with my life.  Studying abroad as an adult student is certainly starting to rival it.  But, I came to you and said “Please, believe in me.  Believe in this trip and this opportunity.”   And you have all stepped up and responded in ways that are just…incredible.

I’ve had single digit donations.  I’ve had triple digit donations.  I’ve had jobs that have just appeared.  During Christmas, for that matter!  I understand the economy sucks and budgets are suffocating.  I honestly did not believe that this could happen.
I underestimated you.

At this very much moment, I am about a thousand dollars short.  Most of that is wrapped up in a plane ticket that has yet to be purchased.
You know, I have to, like, get there.
Minor detail.

It’s okay!
I have faith that I’m going.
I have faith that I will be able to send you another update while I standing on a cobblestone street and a breath of my air escapes out into the cold.
I have faith that I will be on a plane bound for London with another plane waiting on me bound for Prague in just over 30 days.

I think it’s gonna happen.
So, with faith, I move forward.
You are unbelievable.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for stepping up.
Thank you for loving me, supporting me, and sending me.
I think we all know that I’m gonna love on some Czech people somethin’ fierce.

Budu v Praha.
I’ll be in Prague.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.


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