All kinds of beautiful. Swoon.

December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Photo by Miroslav Petroska

On Friday night, I had the privilege of sitting on the very top row of a romantically old theater in Durham with a few lovelies.  In a room with brilliant acoustics, we became a part of the chanting and musical beauty happening on stage from artists so great I cannot locate anything online that does them any sort of justice.

However, that will have to be for another time, maybe over coffee with you somewhere, because there has been some big stuff happening in the past seven days.
Like. Whoa.

Quick recap:
Next semester: Prague.  Four months of turning off the big girl life.  A medieval environment in which my only obligations are to take photos, get better at what I do, and talk philosophy.
I honestly don’t think it’s possible to properly convey how excited my currently trying-not-to-eat-the-table-from-exhaustion self is at the thought.

Due to a financial aid miscommunication, I came to you, asking you to believe in me.
Total bill: $15,200
Covered by loans/grants/cash: $12,200
Pledged, promised, or paid in the past 7 days: $1250

Nearly halfway!
Beautiful, beautiful people.  All of you!

But wait!  There’s more!
A couple of weeks ago, I was highly encouraged to apply to blog for the Study Abroad office as they were wanting “hospitable, mature, & engaging individuals who are familiar with WordPress and various social media outlets.”  <—It’s like they know me or something.
So, I applied.  Turned it in Friday and heard today that I was selected!
Alas, I won’t see it until I’m in country (so it only kind of helps), but talk about a miracle!

There are seven days remaining to come up with the $1750 balance.  We are still having Portraits with Santa (for those of us that dread the mall), I’m selling a lot of my stuff, and I’m still booking sessions up to Sunday, January 15th.
If you’d just like a reason, I turn (gulp) 30 in January.
THIRTY.  Holy frittata, Batman.

Any tiny, small, piece of anything helps.
My heart overflows with gratitude for you.




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