A myriad of joy.

November 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just made a discovery that is revolutionizing my entire week.  Are you ready?  I don’t know if you are.

It’s five to 2 in the morning and I’ve just gotten home.  I opened my freezer to realize that I had both Keebler fudge sticks and (AND!  Yeep!) mini ice cream sandwiches.  Oh, glory, hallelujah.  What?  You don’t forget about food in the freezer?  Well….good for you.  Wanna fudge stick?

On the way home, I left the library with my earbuds in only to walk right out into the rain.  Me and my boots ran through campus and up the hill to the bus while Florence and her Machine jammed out through my earbuds.  It was one of the most joyful moments of my whole week.  Running, on some weird, perverse level, makes me feel alive.  With the tricky knee, I’ve been asked not to.  Since August.  It was glorious to get my heart pounding for a few minutes.

The joy was only amplified as I had a revelation earlier tonight.  I pulled up my calendar to look at the schedule for next week only to realize that A) I have no major assignments due, 2) I have almost an entire day off next Friday, and Purple) My last big woosa wedding of the year is next Saturday.  (My last big hooah wedding is December 3rd.  Different.)  And just like that, I have survived.  October consistently proves to be the curly-q’s and hills of the rollercoaster of life with the greatest G forces and this year…whew.  She outdid herself.  It’s now that part of the semester rollercoaster where I screech with glee and only feel a tiny bit sick and enjoy my hair in my mouth.

In the middle of all of this revelating and joy, my very first digital camera went to a new home.  A Chinese graduate student, anxious to learn about photography and explore his new surroundings, took her home in his backpack.  The camera itself was a precious gift from my family and their belief in me.  It was bittersweet.

Such a season of change.
I think it might always be like this.
Reason #72 there are fudge sticks in my freezer.
Pray for Bethie.


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