Middle of the merry-go-round

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night was incredible.  Absolutely incredible.

By no scheduling whatsoever, I wound up sharing a table at Dos Taquitos with Katie, Sarah F. Fish, and Anne Marie.  Three beautiful women who love Jesus (but drink a little).  Before food was even on the table, we were laughing hysterically and discussing incest and baby poop.  I had warned Sarah that at one margarita I would be sleepy and at two margaritas things would just be out of control.  Two margaritas in and I began to realize how much of a lightweight I have become.  I snorted (the kind where you kind of stop breathing) at least twice and I sneezed randomly all over Anne Marie’s water.

She was rather indignant about it.  I mean, rightly so.  But, I couldn’t stop laughing which led to the snorting (again).

We closed the place down and then some.  Spending quality time with women so beautiful is good for my soul.  Laughter really does keep the doctor away.

And then today, I saw Bethie for a few hours.  Talked about living in Europe and silly things like adapters for laptops and shopping as a big girl in a sea of very tiny people.  Afterwards, by the power of the interwebz, I got to see the faces and hear the voices of some people that hold a whole bunch of heartstrings since I could not be with them.  God bless Skype for everything they do.  Currently, banana bread scents my whole apartment and I even shaved my legs.
Have I mentioned how lovely it is to live alone?

As I type these words on a screen, with Bon Iver resonating off the walls, it hits me.  In seasons like the one I am currently in, it’s so easy to forget to stop moving.  Just stop moving.  Look around.  Here the music.  Grin.
It all really is rather stunning.

81 days until my 20’s officially come to an end.
92 days ’til Prague.
Let’s make it fantastical.

Come find me?  There’s a hug in it for you.


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