You say ridiculous. I say fantastical.

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Blue) My life has officially become consumed with photos.  I’m basically in love with it while not being able to turn my brain off.

42) A significant amount of wanderlust has worked its way out of my system.  I’m ready to be in a single apartment with some sort of organization system for, like, at least a month.
Maybe two months.  Whoa!

T-Rex) Friday night in Charleston, I saw some friends I’ve known long enough they’re practically my family.  Hugged their kiddos and them and ate some cake.  It was good for my soul.
Afterwards, I went to karaoke with Alicia, the beauty who has been a friend for ten years now.  Which is just, crazypants.

Some 2 hours & a LOT of ridiculous later, Alicia and I got up to sing “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse as a tribute.  Appropriate, I think.
Save that little detail about how we only knew the chorus.  On the 2nd verse, I just started laughing.  “We suck.  Sorry, y’all.”

Half hour after the debaucle, this guy (Larry) (who wasn’t terrible looking even though that was his name) came up to me and was like “You were so AWESOME!”
We lost it.  Surely, he had to be kidding.
Alas, no.

20 minutes later… “Hey gorgeous!” as he walks by….
(Me: Alicia, WHAT…is happening??  Her: I have no earthly idea.  But, I am not coming in here again without you.)

20 minutes later, Larry and his (not one, not two, but THREE) Budweisers come to hang out with me, my friend Alicia and her friend Mari.  Within minutes, we have convinced Larry that we are all sisters, Mari, Sherri, and Kerrie….and that Alicia & I (Sherri and Kerrie respectively) are actually TWINS.
Did I mention he was 22?

This is my life.  Welcome!

PS – Truth & beauty & I hit replay over and over.


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