Adieu, Portland.

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s drizzling and in the mid-sixties outside as I sit in a beautiful Starbucks.  Every single wall, floor to ceiling, is made of wide glass panes separated by thick black beams.  A trellis on part of the building shows off bright flowers and the most eclectic collection of people I’ve ever watched pass by.  I have an affection for New York City like no other, but this seriously, seriously, competes with that one time I watched a guy in a velvet coat with tails and fat wooden Dutch shoes smoke up in Alphabet City.  Except here, it’s everywhere and all the time.

Portland beats to a different drum.  And she’s proud about it.  There isn’t a single style, nothing is “trending”, and if there are tourists, I can’t tell you who they are.  The anonymity of such a city has been refreshing.

However, sometimes, the whirlwind of not knowing what to expect nor when to expect it, coupled with expectations that turned out to be way WAY off, can be…well…exhausting.

And with that, and some serious hard work of my beautiful sister, I am Houston bound in the morning.
Thanks Portland, you were beautiful.


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