The random continues.

July 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s day 4 in Portland, though it feels like I’ve been here at least a week or more.  In a chat with a friend yesterday, I referenced a conversation with another friend I had in Raleigh before I begin traveling.  It downright floored me to realize it was only two weeks ago.
Y’all, I feel like I’ve been gone…gosh, at least a month.  If not longer.
Traveling changes the time warp continuum, I swear.

Brownie points if you just caught that total geek moment up in thurr.

Portland has proven to be like traveling in a foreign country.  My dear friend Rachael, currently in some remote African country, put me in touch with her sister Autumn who lives in Portland.  Autumn is also out galavanting the country and put me in touch with her roommate, Elena, who is not at their house either, but staying with some other people.  However, they graciously opened their home to me and anyone I am pulling alongside, and just like that, I have a house in Oregon for about a week.

Getting here (late Tuesday night) was quite the adventure, but through Josh’s smart phone and a phone call to Elena, we made it.  41 baby blue stairs climb an ivy covered hill that leads from a gravel road to a cozy lil’ house nestled amongst some trees.
Josh calls it charming.  I cannot agree more.

(Who’s Josh?  A whole ‘nother level of random that Jesus brought along.  I’ll explain later, but he is fantastic.  I’m thankful he is here.)

There are blankets everywhere and candles…no internet.  No direct sunlight either, calling for lazy mornings and slower days.  And then, my commute down to the actual city area of Portland allows me to take this:
If you’ve ever been out here, you know their public transit is simply magical.  But, this takes the charming factor and doubles it, at least.  It’s an aerial tram that carries me from the top of the big ol’ hill I am on down to the waterfront (and back home).  Like a ski lift, except bigger and completely enclosed.
Absolutely enchanting.

Wednesday morning we made our way to Stumptown for some work and some coffee.  Then, through the power of twitter, I was informed my friend Deepak was in town with his girlfriend Cherie for a wedding.  And I got to hug, laugh, and chat with a small piece of home for a short time this afternoon.
It was good for my soul.

Last night we wrapped up the night with some Pacific Pie Company (yes!  PIE!  Lizzy Boyette shares my LOVE. for PIE!), a few drinks, and a video chat with Thailand.
Why, yes, the whole country.

My camera has been in hiding as I’ve been just wanting to experience some of these things.
I have no idea how long I’ll be out here and I’m totally okay with it.
Sigh.  I really do miss you, though.


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