Jet Blue rocks the boomsauce.

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

After nearly 20 minutes on this flight, I am still unable to formulate a solid plan on how to tell you about the past 24 hours.  Let alone the past 3 days!  However, there has been no sweet tea since Charleston and I may or may not be going through withdrawal.  My apologies for the scatterbraininess.  It really is not my fault.

After missing my connecting flight in Boston last night, I’m also running on approximately 5hrs sleep.  On top of the fact that I was awake far far too long yesterday.  I had gotten up at 645am so that I would crash once on the red eye flight to Seattle.
Right.  The one I missed (due to a delay in DC).

But, y’all, Jet Blue employs some beautiful people.  After running from my gate, through security again (because of dang construction!), I ran to find the plane gone.  I thought for sure I would be sleeping in the Boston Logan airport.  But, no!  Jet Blue rebooked me for an unGodly hour flight this morning and then?  Those beautiful people gave me my bag, with all my clothes and toiletries, a voucher for a night at Embassy Suites, and a voucher for food at their restaurant bar for dinner last night and breakfast this morning.
I coulda kissed each and every one of those women in baggage services at 1023pm.  (I’m pretty sure I said “Bless You!” real loud with a big ol’ southern accent, though.)

On my way to the hotel, my shuttle driver was an adoreable Venezuelan named Louis.  We talked in Spanish the whole time and I was almost sad to see him go.  This morning?  A Haitian named Prosper who wanted me to practice my French.  I was rushed through baggage and security because Prosper forgot to drive me due to some great conversation.  “Oh, miss Amereese!  You cannot be late!”  Adoreable.
Yep, Jet Blue rushed me through so I wouldn’t miss my flight (again).  They also have unlimited snacks, no first class, all leather seats, friendly staff, and they gave me the whole can!  I asked for a Sprite and I got the WHOLE. CAN.  Unprecedented.
Every airline should run like this.

Using my awesome lil’ dinner voucher, I spent an hour drinking bourbon and having a really great conversation with my bartender, Meghan.  She’s a Boston native and asked me to look her up when I return.  “Oh, you’ll love it here.  You’ll be back”, she said.
It’s like she knows me or something.

Traveling keeps me centered.  It allows my extrovert self to live fully while my adventurous self gets to go exploring and my minimalist self gets to come out of hiding.  Did I tell you I only have like 7 shirts & 4 bottoms for the next month?  No?  Yep.  I do.
I had to do something.  My pack was over the weight limit.
Ha, seriously though, that’s really all I have.

While this definitely isn’t the craziest thing I’ve ever done, it’s been a while since I just “winged it”.  Wunged it?  Wan….hahaha, never mind.  You get it.
In a life where there are no strangers, however, somehow everything works out.
Have faith in people.  A lot of them are like Jet Blue, really really beautiful.


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