There are no Waffle House gift certificates.

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

As of yesterday (and the 13hrs of travel that just reiterated the point), I am on the road.

Technically, the first day was last Friday, as Courtney, Andrea, and I piled into a car and headed down to Charleston.  We spent some quality time with my folks, hit up the beach three days in a rooooooow (<—yeah, I sang that), and closed out the July 4th holiday at a baseball game.  If you have not yet witnessed a sporting event with my family, consider yourself warned.  My momma yells loudly, my dad gets in on it, and I am my mother’s daughter.  My brother was there as well, leaving us wishing my sister the sarcastic could join us.  Look, we aren’t boring.  Someone’s gotta yell at the pitcher for throwing a wild ball in the third inning!  THIRD.  Ridikuhluss.

My dear friend, Daniel, came along with for the day and, even though we’ve been friends for like 8 years, I somehow didn’t know that he would fit right in with us at a ball game.  By the bottom of the 9th, he, my daddy, and David were all chanting “Unwaffle” over and over and over at the pitcher.
Y’all, seriously, UNWAFFLE.
What does that even MEAN?!!?
(People are now staring in this lil’ DC coffee shop as I giggle incessantly remembering them chanting.  But, seriously!  Unwaffle?!??  How are YOU not laughing out loud?)

It all started with Daniel talking about how the winners at Bulls games got Waffle House gift certificates or…something.  It really only made sense in his head.  And then the chanting started.  But, at the end, there were fireworks.
I love me fireworks somethin’ fierce.

Daniel followed us out of the parking lot with synced up radio stations for a two-car dance party.  Considering the fact that leaving the parking lot took just under an hour, we really enjoyed ourselves.  I tried to convince the girls to do a dance around the car party, but they weren’t hearing it.  I’m just trying to up the ridiculousness people.  Seriously, get on board.

Yesterday morning, our slightly sunburned selves hugged good-bye to my momma and dad and, after a few hours, Andrea & I hugged good-bye to Courtney.  Introducing them and dragging them home with me might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Going home to Charleston with friends in tow always proves to be rather fantastical.  Any time I tell someone I am from there, every single time with. out. fail. they roll their eyes in the back of their head, make a “Gah!” noise, and go “I LOVE Charleston!”.
Me too, y’all.  Meeeee, too.

You take such good looking people along, it just amplifies the experience.
Love these women more than I even love fireworks.


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