Life. Seat. Pants. Go.

July 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

And just like that, I’m homeless.
If you could see me, I’d be beaming.

Sharing a roof with the beautiful Lisa Z for the past few weeks (while also sharing my bed with Bad Kitty…no, really, the cat’s name is Bad Kitty.  Oh, trust me, she lives up to her name.  She’s a freaking doreable though.) Wait, wha happen?
Right!  Lisa. 🙂
Her gracious and giving soul allowed me to have a bed and a place for some of my possessions and I am oh so thankful.  I even made her banana puddin’ to tell her so.

And now, most of my things are in a friends spare bedroom, some more of them are in Lisa’s ginormous attic, and I’ve got a hiking pack (courtesy of the fantastical Bethie) & my daypack (a pressie from Lisa a few years ago).
Did you catch that?  Everything on my person fits into a hiking pack and a day pack.  All of my personal goods for the next six weeks are being carried by me from destination to destination.

I’m without a home until at least August 15th (beginning of fall semester) and, frankly, I don’t know where that home will be yet, but it’ll work out.  It always does.
So, since I’m homeless, and through a whole lot of crazy RANDOM going down, I’m on the road.  My momma says that hopefully it’ll get some of this wanderlust out of my system.  A lot of other women say it’ll allow them to live vicariously through me and want to know how I lined all of this crazy stuff up.  I didn’t line any of it up.  Random is always how Jesus works with me.

I could try and tell you the schedule and all the wonderful souls I’ll meet along the way, but I’d rather share them with you, as I am with them.  It will be my small part of trying to bring some beauty into your life.  It is also my chance to brag on the incredible people I call friends, though, sometimes, I have just met them.

See, I try to remember that life is just this big inter-woven fabric in which I am just one thread.  I can’t even fathom the actual beauty of the whole thing, but I get a glimpse sometimes.  Seasons like the one I am in are glimpses.  I’d very much like to stay for awhile in this season of the beautiful frolic.

For the random is part of the beauty.
Don’t worry, I definitely brought my camera.

PS – Currently at the top of the playlist:


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  • Anthony says:

    I am such a huge fan of the song you have posted on here. You have no idea. I was very disappointed when Sufjan didn’t play it at the concert I went to. LOVE the song! 🙂

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