Warning: Mostly girl humor.

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

How many night owls do we have in the house?
Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Getting up before 830am is just not something my body cares to do and I am easily awake until midnight or later.  Read: Getting to my 945am class this summer is as early as I can make it.  My dear friend Courtney purposely….y’all, purposely, takes 8am classes and that causes my right eye to twitch and my throat to swell.
As a result of my inability to operate in the morning, the McDonald’s right on the way has gotten a lot of my business so far this summer.

Y’all, a dollar for a big ol’ tea and another dollar for a biscuit?  Shoo.  Done and done.
You can judge.

So, as I’m sitting in my supabuzing (super/fabulous/amazing) parking spot, munchin’ on my egg biscuit, a girl walks by.  She’s a sprite-ly little thing with super fabulous hair all pinned up and a back like some sort of goddess.  Her tank top was really low in the back and it was more than obvious that undergarments had been neglected this morning.  As she walked by I thought “I bet she doesn’t eat egg biscuits on the way to school.  I bet she’s never had an egg biscuit in her life.”
Did I say that bitterly with a snarl on my face?  Youuuuu betcha.

And then, I thought “Well, she’s not wearing a bra so even though she has a beautiful back, Jesus did not bless her in the department that requires a bra.  But, he did me!  I win.  Nah nah boo boo.”

Yes, I thought ALL of those things.
I even kind of laughed and nearly spewed biscuit.
Evidence #903 why I need Jesus.


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