Joy came in the evening.

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I move in a mere 4 days.  Ask me how much packing I have accomplished.  Right.  I think, sometimes, I like to prove just how much butt I can kick in as little time as possible.  I mean, I have some sort of idea, it’s just not, really, well, formulated. It’s just all in my head, mostly.

Not like I can do anything anyways.  Classes started yesterday, tomorrow being the last day to drop, and I have yet to hear a decision about financial aid.  Until that time, I can’t confirm a place to move to nor can I do anything else, really, except pack.  Which I’m doing tons of.  Someone please come over and help me put crap in boxes.  Or, just stand around and talk to me while I do it.  That really would help immensely.  (I have beer!)

Did I mention our moving team on Saturday is looking to be an all-girl team?  Not gonna lie, I’m kind of stoked.  Seriously.  I’m hoping they’ll come over, we can load up, and have tons of prayer and love and thankfulness for the home I have had for the past year straight.  It has been an incredible blessing to live under the one roof, consistently, even with the crazy curb and driveway and the fact that I’m in the hood.

After the past couple of weeks it has been, I’m thankful for beautiful women that will show up and give of themselves freely and be the hands of Jesus in my life. My easily-distracted, fickle, fragile, lil’ heart becomes overwhelmed with gratitude for people like this.  It’s amazing how that little thing is so easily screwed up, the heart.

This past week, I was confused and upset and …well, heartbroken.  I couldn’t sleep and struggled to simply put one foot in front of the other.  All because of the actions of a favorite.  I was so upset and mad at his behavior.  Note to menz: women are way more emotional than you.  Please adjust accordingly, even when it doesn’t make any sense to you whatsoever.  Bring ice cream.  End of note.

And, through the truth spoken by our lead pastor, the actual condition of my heart was illuminated.  Y’all, it’s ugly.  Like, real bad.  Crazy how truth makes us all uncomfortable and stuff because of what it shines a light on.  But, there is enough grace for my totally gross heart.  And all of this provokes a response in me that I did not see coming.

My tiny little heart needs to apologize to the favorite.
Jesus cracks me up.


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