I lahk hugs. I no lahk tornadoes.

April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Earlier today, my dear friend Melissa came to play for awhile (read: bring me images she took as my 2nd shooter a week or so ago) and of course transferring of files that should have taken a mere half hour took like three hours.  But, she’s incredibly lovely.  This, right here, basically wraps her up:

Yes, that IS her in the green pullover doing a full on salute with her beer.
My friends are so awesome I can’t even stand it.

During the course of the bane-of-our-existence-that-is-file-management, I mentioned that I’m a tactile person.  I like things I can put my hands on, feel, embrace.  My Blackberry has keys that still go clicka clicka when you type on them and I prefer real mail over just about anything having to do with a computer.  I don’t care how bad you think your writing is, send me a note, or a tulip.  Or three.  And eventually, make some time so I can see your face and wrap my arms around you and hear, first-hand, all about how you are and where you’re headed.  Melissa likes tactile things, too.  “I just hate electronics and things that need power”, she said.

And then, sometimes, God takes us a little too literally, I think.  As last week, if you have not yet heard, a tornado ripped a straight line diagonally across Raleigh, rendering much of the city without power and destroying homes, trees, roads, and in a few instances, families.

The whole thing was heartbreaking and stressful as my little house was right in the path of this “funnel cloud” or whatever they are calling it.  As Melissa and I photographed the great reception of Mary & Karl, outside was a tornado.  During the last dance, we lost power.  Somehow, we didn’t process that it was all that bad.  Even after we went outside, saw a sign ripped out of the cement bricks on the ground and plywood in the disheveled and overturned bushes, we really didn’t think it was all that bad.  It wasn’t until we got back to the little chapel from that morning that it all really set in.  The windows to our favorite little church were all blown out.  So was the back window on the truck I had been driving.  All of a sudden, I just wanted to get to my house.
Melissa, being herself, grabbed our camera gear and took off to document.
Gosh, I love her.  Makin’ me feel all normal on multiple levels.

45 minutes and 2 miles later, we were climbing over debris in my yard and I was trying to explain the gravity of the situation to my landlords, who just weren’t hearing me and started talking endlessly about shower heads and the drainage of my tub.
Which I didn’t give a damn about whatsoever.
As you can tell.

Yeah, Melissa was still documenting.  Ha.
Adam showed up, helped me, helped Melissa, took me out of there, and fed me.  Gah.  Innnncredible.
Four days our neighborhood was without power and everything I needed was in either a backpack or a laundry bag as members of my community graciously opened up their homes so that I had a place to lay my head.  Classes continued and work continued and my neighborhood is slowly being restored.  The storm damaged the poorest of the poor of our City and I still can only kind of wrap my brain around it.  Driving through it my fragile self couldn’t really process being amidst so much devestation.
(When did I become fragile?)

However, after a week of living out of a bag while trying to do life as normal, I sincerely appreciate having power.
I still lurv hugs and cupcakes and notes, but I’m grateful to be back in my home.
Thank you for praying for east Raleigh.

**If you’d like practical ways to plug in and help the area, feel free to shoot me an email: amaris@amarishames.com  We’ve got plenty of places that would love your willing spirit and help!


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