What do you mean, I gotta wear a dress?

April 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

There are certain things that no one should be subjected to for long periods of time.  Stuff like cleaning a litter box, watching any film that has Mike Meyers in it, or having someone else’s finger up your own nose.  (I know, right?  Who does that?)  You can officially tack on “Shopping for any clothing item that is not pants with Amaris” to this list.  Because, seriously, no one person should be subjected to shopping with me for a dress or skirt or anything resembling girly type clothing in general.

Tell me I’m not the only one with this problem.  I can’t be the only woman on the planet who becomes exhausted just thinking about clothing.  Take all my clothes off, put new clothes on, try on, take those off, change stores, start over in a new store, oh em GEEEE, Momma needs a snack.  Let’s take a break.
I’m just not a shopper.  Now, my sister?  Now, THAT girl is a shopper.  Born to be a shopper.  We met up in Chicago once, while she was living in Iowa, and it was March.  Like, there was snow on the ground.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a big city when there’s snow on the ground, but it’s not pretty.  There’s slush and ice patches and you get dripped on and the sidewalks are just…whew…a hot mess.  And my sister the shopper put on stiletto boots and walked her skinny ass all OVER Magnificent Mile for 8 hours.  Okay, it might have been seven, but still.  Seven.

Do you know where I was after an hour and a half?  In the mezzanine of the Lord &  Taylor building consuming a chocolate croissant.  You would have been, too.  Don’t even lie.
Shopping just ain’t my thang.

With the launching of my own photography business and an increase in the number of dates I’ve been going on I have to up the wardrobe.  I mean, I’m sitting here in sweats and a T-shirt that says “Enjoy COKE” across the front as I talk to you.  While I COULD wear that to a wedding rehearsal, or a date, it might not be the best decision I’ve ever made.
And, I would likely be the only one that found it hilarious.

While no one should be subjected to shopping with me for a dress and/or skirt or heels or any of these girly type things, my sister the amazing shopper lives in Houston.  You are more than welcome to be her stand in.  If it helps, there will definitely be a snack break.


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  • Beth says:

    There is a picture somewhere in existence of my great-grandmother, and I’m not kidding when I say that I look exactly like her in this picture. I mean, maybe not EXACTLY like her exactly, but it’s the same pose and attitude. I’ll find it for you somehow and show you.

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