I’m like…legit and stuff.

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know.  I know.  I’m a bad friend.  I just disappear for like, dayyyyys on end, no explanation whatsoever.  I get it.

It was for some serious awesome.  Promise.  And, because I disappeared, I get to share it here with you.  In case you haven’t yet seen, my own personal website has launched!  So, get on over to Amaris Hames Photography and brag to anyone who will listen.  The site has some tweaks I’d like to do to it, but it’s on!  Unbelievable.  I’m so so so so thrilled. (insert lame smiley emoticon here)

Between a whole lotta effort from my great friend, Dana Hartweg, and some final touches from Adam, I launched a little over a week ago.  And, in that time, I’ve had 8 requests for photography and 5 booked gigs.  Which, just, blows my ever lovin’ mind.  One of those shoots was a bridal portrait session this past weekend that I’ll brag about later.  Whew.  It was amaaaaaaziinnnnnggg.  Incredible location, a cooperative, patient, gorgeous bride, & a plethora of gear that I can’t afford on my own.
I really really REALLY love this job.

In creating the site, Dana was really patient as he would ask me for my opinion on (technical jargon schmargon) and I would just stare blankly at him.  In my brain, I really wanted to understand what the heck he was saying, but it was like another language.  And then, I would respond with “I know you’re trying to tell me something, but I just am not sure those are English words coming out of your mouth.”  And then, he would start over.
If you have ideas on what super awesome thing I can do for the man-that-has-everything-under-the-sun, I’m taking them.
Because seriously, he has toys I didn’t even know existed!

The beautiful Bethie graces the homepage of the website and I absolutely love shooting her.

She’s willing to get ridiculous and do silly things.  If I ever make it big enough, I’ma pay her to come out to shoots with me just to make other people do silly things and relax.
She’s great like that.

We both can’t believe that New Orleans was only 6 weeks ago.  It feels like it has been a lifetime since.  And Chris just dropped off the face of the mother lovin’ earth.  Well, she went with him to get a tattoo.  Other than that, we got no idearz if he’s even like, alive.  If you find him, I buy you a Cook-Out milkshake.  True story.  Only the first person though!!  (I’ve learned my lesson on giving out prizes.  You know who you are.)

I love my crazy random life.  I never even dreamed it would turn out this way.  And I think that makes it all the more beautiful.

Thanks for being a part.

PS- Yes, there’s still a guy in the picture.  He even likes my fangs.  🙂


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