Did you see that coming? I sure as heck didn’t.

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Way back here I made the statement that I don’t think I’m prepared for the awesomeness of 2011.

I say ‘Way Back’ because it feels dang near a lifetime ago.  Since my ringing in of the new year in NYC, I’ve graced Chicago with my presence, completed a half-marathon with Beth (& some of the best cheerleaders of ALL. TIME.), completely changed my schedule, reunited with an old friend, and gone to dinner with a man that loves Jesus like I love Jesus for the first time in my life.
Yeah, you read that right.

Not gonna lie, he’s pretty great.

And not only did I go to dinner, I looked NAHCE.  I could hardly stand myself.  Aaaaaand I smelled good.
Y’all, iss been a real long time since I got to look like a girl for something besides work.  If you had told me five years ago that I would enjoy being a bit like a girl, there would have been a lot of laughing and guffawing and calling you ridiculous.  And here we are, me loving being a wee bit girly.
Don’t you worry.  I still don’t wear heels regularly.  That’s my sister’s job.

Through some random circumstances, we wound up at the Flying Saucer, drinking beer, outside, loudly, with at least six other people.  At lunch this past Sunday, Beth was all “Soooooooo….???” and when I got to that part she goes “Um….you loved that you wound up at a loud bar with a lot of other people??  We are SO not REMOTELY the same person.”

Yeah, I did like it.
Quite a lovely evening.
An unexpected, absolutely lovely evening.


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