T minus 6 hours.

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

We leave today.

My first gut reaction is a deleted expletive.  My second is to thank the good Lord for the chance to get out of town.  My third is to go hide under my bed and hope the others won’t notice I’m not in New Orleans until they are already there.  You can fit a ton of applesauce under the bed.  I’ll be just fine for awhile, at least.

Y’all, I have never thought so much about everything that goes into my mouth, how many carbs is that?, how many miles I’ve gotten in this week, what do I gotta do for some APPLESAUCE, GOSH?!?!   Prepping for this has quickly transformed my life.
But, on Sunday, I hopped on the scale.  In just 3 short weeks, I’m down eight pounds.  EIGHT!
(Chair booty dance)

However, Monday was my first major speed bump.  My whole left leg-we’re talkin’ lower quad, patellar tendon, hamstring, hip, calf, all of it-would have walked off in protest if they could have.  Woo doggie.  TICKED.  And I was quick to get frustrated at my inability to run with so little time before New Orleans.  I pushed through.  Used a foam roller on everything, did some yoga, thanked God for Courtney’s shower massager.  It’s just part of this process of becoming a new person.
In all of it, my shoulders are stronger, my bicep curls are at 30+ lbs easy, and my legs are changing as I run faster, longer.

And yesterday, someone asked if I was going to quit “the diet” once I got done with the race.
Nope.  I knew 2011 was going to be a whole different life and we’re full on into it.

Transformation of the body does not come without transformation of the soul and the spirit.  A process I’m finding quite addictive.
All I had to do was lace up some shoes and hit the road.

If you need us, we have gone to here.


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