February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Over the weekend, all of North America celebrated the end of football ’til August.  Which was a great game, and a lot of fun, and I definitely had a beer which will be biting me in the rear end ’til at least Wednesday.  Have I mentioned just how fun & exciting it is to have a skin disease??  (<—Sarcasm.  Tons of it.)

But, it pales in comparison to my Saturday.  Because on Saturday, my community came together for a few fantastic hours to celebrate Brennan.  Folks were so excited that even though the evite clearly said 7pm, when Chelsea & I rolled up to the Harris Teeter at 6pm to grab a pie and some beer, we ran into four of our men leaving with beer.  Because they were already OUT.

While we definitely aren’t totally crazy drinkers, that many people had shown up to the party just after 4pm. Chelsea & I were way behind.
I think this all should speak volumes to how much we love our brother.  For that is what he is, our brother. Brennan will not only be the first to defend you when you cannot defend yourself, he will also be the first to tell you how much he cares for you and how much Jesus has done for him.  He is not ashamed to wrap his arms around you, just because, and though his defensive reflexes sky rocket quickly, he takes correction graciously and humbly.  They will descend just as quickly as they shot up.

Our first meeting was random.  Our little community decided to rent a van to go to Busch Gardens for the day. Rosalie had literally met him like five days before, invited him, and he crawled out of bed at 530am to climb into a 16-passenger van with 14 strangers (plus Rosa).  After a 3ish hour drive there, 9ish hours at the park, a Cracker Barrel detour, and a scary-as-hell very long 3ish hour drive back (complete with many of us cursing and me throwing whatever I could get my hands on in the general direction of our driver), he’s STILL HERE.
He even LIKES US.
And here we are, just months down the road (and yet feels like years), saying “See ya later” as he hops a plane to go serve his country.

In some yet to be determined moment of  brilliance on Saturday, I forgot my real camera.

So, these are all I have.

But, if I haven’t yet told you, almost all of my favoritest memories are unable to be captured with a camera.

Brennan, I will miss thee.  Keep yer chin up, darlin’.


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