I still run. Marlene does not.

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just having breezed in the door ….okay, I’ma start over.  I didn’t breeze anywhere.  *snort*  Have you met me?? I downright dragged my butt across the threshold tonight.

Anywho, even though my body went and climbed into bed like 2 hours ago, it’s been quite the week (day, solstice, you name it) and typing it out is good for the soul.

Y’all, can I just say, Marlene is a trooper.  After completely just…dying a couple of days ago, my beautiful gift of a car needs an alternator, battery, & serpentine belt.  And probably a timing belt, too.  (Do ya remember I put 4 new tires on her TWO WEEKS AGO??)  But, through the generosity of many, all problems have solutions and I am driving the wheels of a generous lady in my community for the weekend so I am not rushing frantically to repair her.  Hallelujahthankyouandamen.

And THEN!  Y’ALL….if you don’t know (or if you do know!), one of my resolutions this year was to get to a certain number of pounds.  You would die with sticker shock at the number I am at currently, but my goal is to be a minimum of 35lbs lighter.  It will be the lightest I’ve been in 15 years.
Yes, years.
Unless you count that few weeks I was in Macedonia and walked everywhere and ate lots of fresh awesome food and spent a lot of time in the mountains.  I looked mother truckin’ HOTT.
Where is Macedonia?  Here:
You have officially been educated.

Where was I?  Right.  Losing weight.  So, with every little marker along the way, I’m celebrating.  And today, after running a little over a mile, and chair dips, and push-ups, and plank bridges, and lat pull-downs, and 20mins of dancing, I weighed myself. And I’ve hit the first marker.

We’re at 7 pounds down in the past 2 weeks.  As a girl who has struggled with weight constantly, who knew running was the solution? And TODAY, I got these in the mail (courtesy of my FANTASTICAL momma!):

Who am I?  All excited about new shoes and stuff.

Wanna go with me?  I’d love the company.
And you’ll love how great you feel afterwards.


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