Dream far and big and wide.

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I sit here listening to Louis & Ella, all I can say is, y’all, it has been quite the day.  Less than 24hours after landing from Chi(cago), I am without a real voice, an empty sinus cavity, a throat that can stop coughing, a pain-free back (day 7), and my car.  Don’t ask me how, but driving down Wade Avenue resulted in a blown right front tire, which was one of my only two good tires, and I’m out both my dignity and a serious wad of cash.  I did, however, meet a real nice man who drove me and Marlene over to my mechanics in his real big truck!
He said I was hilarious.
That improved things.

Out of respect to my time with me, myself, & I (Personalities #2, 14, and 26, respectively), there will be no run down of my time in Chi-town.  Lots of alone time to think over things, talk with an all-loving God, and make some new friends.  Random people that made my life better in the mere minutes I knew them.

I can say that during this “Cone of Silence”, I decided I needed to dream more.  Grander.  Dream less about boys and more big dreams.  Huge dreams.
What-can-I-do-with-my-life dreams.  No-holds-barred-ignore-the-status-quo-bullshit dreams.
With the soundtrack of John Mark McMillan, dreaming becomes easier.  You know, John Mark:

What emerged are 11 resolutions for 2011.

*Get to (this many) pounds.

2) Run two half marathons.

C) Noticeably improve both your Spanish and Czech.

Delta] Travel as far south as you can in Florida.  Swim in its ocean.

Elephant> Purchase a plane ticket to Thailand.  Then Uganda.  Then Prague.

Seis) Complete a personal devotional slash study.  Have another girl on the journey, too.

Heaven on seven) Work your way through a cookbook.
Ok, ok, ok….at least start.

8 pipers piping) Take @ least a month of voice lessons.

Nerf ball) Pray weekly for all of your family.  Each and every single one.

Ten-nis ball) Laugh heartily once a day.

ELEVEN) Love even more.  Even when it’s hard.

Do you draft up resolutions?
Am I privileged enough to know some of them? 🙂


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