I don’t think I’m prepared for the awesomeness of 2011.

January 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Starting any adventure with absolutely zero expectations is easily the best way to guarantee having an incredible time.  Expectations are way too easily ruined, let down, diminished.  And now, I can testify how true this is.  Enter Andrea (@hotbenham) & myself and a late-in-the-game decision to travel to NYC for NYE.

No, we most certainly did NOT stand for 8+ hours wearing a Depends in the company of 998,674 of our closest friends to watch a small glowing ball drop a few stories while listening to trendy pop bands.  If this sounds like your idea of a good time, do let me know what the heck you are even thinking.  Ugh.

We did, however, have the best 36 hours I’ve ever experienced in my whole freakin’ stinkin’ LIFE.  Y’all, I do not throw that sentence around lightly.  IN.  MY.  LIFE.

On the 30th, we boarded a bus to take us to the Metro to take us to another bus which would then, finally, drop us off in midtown in the company of the awesomistical Alyson (@AACina).  Sidenote:  You say I’m obsessed with twitter.  I say you have no idea what you’re missing out on.  End of sidenote.  With traffic and timing and me losing a pants button in the bus bathroom somewhere around central Jersey, the trip of 5ish hours turned into almost 8.  Finally, we got out at 28th and 9th and were free to roam the streets.

After a stop in a busy diner, not without me asking the owner for an extra glass & him glaring at me like I was an imbecile, we decided Andrea needed to see Times Square.  It’s an iconic stop and we were NOT going anywhere near that place the next day.  If you’ve never been, I don’t know how to explain to you how packed it is most days, but especially around the holidays.  Good Lord Almighty, (inappropriate metaphor has been deleted), it was crazy.  So, we conga’d.  Yes, conga, like a conga line. Complete with the hopping and the leg kicking and the “HEY!”.  *Click* *Click* *Click* “Ok, we have photographic evidence you were here!  Let’s go!”
All of that took about an hour.

We decided to sleep as much as possible, got up the next day, and ventured in to the City about noon.  Where the subway spit me out across the street from Emily (@EmDotMilCo) who I got to hug for approximately 2.3minutes.  Then, a whirwind Chinese fire drill of FAO Schwartz where we met up with Valerie! (@CharlestonVal)  A walk along Central Park, a sandwich from a deli, liquor store stop, and the drinking commenced!  We were quite proud of our discipline.  We waited until almost 2pm, y’all.

Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, a great bakery and the joining of our lil’ troupe by Tom.  (Is this not ridiculous yet?)  Tom has been a friend since 2003 and lives in Philly.  He hopped on a train, came on up, hung out and took the 3am train back.  Well, he was supposed to.  It wound up being the 6am train.
Whoops. 🙂

The shenanigans at this point starts to increase exponentially.  Valerie had friends in town that wanted to join and we said sure!  We’d been planning all day on just finding an Indian restaurant somewhere along 6th St. at 2nd Ave.  And we hop off the subway to meet up with the couple….and their two Indian friends.
Y’all, seriously, you can’t make this up.

The 9 of us squeezed into this awkward crazy tiny table at (what wound up being) a really grand restaurant. Wine, eating with our hands, and 8 new friends that had never met each other before THAT DAY.  I had the privilege of sharing a table with some of the kindest people walking this beautiful earth.  It was hilarious watching Tom look at Alyson and go “How do you know all these folks?” and Alyson respond with “Um, I know her” (pointing at me).  Tom: “Oh.”  And totally confused.

We had absolutely no plans whatsoever for midnight.
Well, correction.  Our plans for this fabuloso lil’ bar got canned because we didn’t get the Must Have A Ticket Memo.
At dinner, Valerie’s phone buzzed with a text from (a different) Alison, inviting us to this “great bar” with no cover! Done, we say.  Where?
8th St. and 2nd Ave.  Just 2 blocks north.

Our lil’ troupe of 3 was now the size of Canada’s armed forces numbering approximately 16.  And at midnight, we all rang in the beginning of a new year together, in New York City.  Amazing.  As a good friend texted me, this all feels like a sorely needed Mulligan.

Shenanigans continued and at approximately 245am, after having been in the City on ludicrous speed for almost 15 hours, I had to lay down.  We left the East Village and stumbled in to this:

(No, really, you want to click that.  It stars US!  You’re welcome.)

All of this after starting with zero expectations and two good friends.
May your life be so beautiful.

2011, bring it.

Photos courtesy the beautiful Valerie Schooling
(it pays to be friends with professional photographers! :))


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