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December 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Not gonna lie, Christmas is probably my most favoritest holiday.  However, with all the crazy that’s going on and the lack of sleep and trying to see the faces of the people I adore the most, all I want is to go barreling right on past Christmas and New Years and my birthday (which is, like, 8 days away) and pull right on into the station that is Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  Because, like every good extrovert, I’m leaving town for 4 glorious days completely and totally by myself.  The phone will be on “quiet”, there will be no computer, and I will tip a maid to pick up all of my things as I galavant the streets of Chicago.

Granted, I did go home this past weekend and loved it.  Four days at momma’s of eating way way too much.  I slept more at her house than I have this whole semester and Calvin Coolidge put together.  My first night there, I crashed hard for over 10 hours.  Got up, ate some food, watched bad tv, and then TOOK A NAP.

And in just a day or so, the beautiful Andrea & I begin to make our way to New York City for New Years Eve.  No, we have ABsolutely no idea what we’re going to wind up doing and we’re totally okay with it.  Alyson has allowed us to crash on her floor and, as Andrea has never ever ever been to the City, we’re going to take her on a wham bam thank you ma’am tour from the Bronx to Brooklyn (with a stop at ….never mind, too much to even try and pick one to tease you with).

Even after all that, all that amazingness, I’m most looking forward to my new ritual of turning the real world off as I disappear to a big city.  On the one hand, I love people.  Love lurv lub WUB WUV them!  I know I’m weird.
I long to know how they are and what they’re up to and giving out hugs might be my most favorite past time. Yes, hugs on Christmas is favoritest of favorites.

It’s just that even us extroverts need some escape every once in awhile.
Just me, a hotel room, and Jesus.

I’m liking 2011 already.


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