I’m gonna regret this in the morning.

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is that time of the semester that I am lacking in sleep (up instead doing things like, oh, say, blogging) and I really seriously debate just hanging up the whole darn thing.  While it took me five years of a crazy story for an entirely ‘nother time to GET to NC State, I debate the decision every stinkin’ year at the end of the semester.  At least we’re past the point of group projects and other lower level hoopla.  Now, we’re just in to the pages and pages of bs hoopla!

I really think I’m gonna start doing a video blog.  I’m way too animated for this writing mess.

Anyways, and then, I have these…just…GIANT brainfarts.  “Oh, I can do that and that and that and SURE I can drive to Burlington for your birthday dinner…I don’t have classes!”
Um.  Helloooooo.  Amaris, you don’t have classes because you have final exams.

And yet, I know I am where I am supposed to be.  Every time I drive down Morgan Street, and see the below view (right before you get to my church actually), I am reminded of the provision of the past four plus years.  So often I look to the hope of another, a partner, to help provide.
Seriously, I would do JUST about anything for a backrub.  I’m rubbing my own back.  It’s so so so so bad.

But, I have been well taken care of and then some.  There always seems to be extra to give back or to others.  My cup runneth over despite the small hiccups.
And the laughter.
Snorting from laughing so hard is an almost daily occurrence.

May I look at how sufficiently I am provided for and not at what I am lacking.

Photo by some Wikipedia guy


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