Whew boy.

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

How do you even get started with the pile of amazing fantastical that is not only currently going on in my life but, is also coming down the chute?

Yesterday, after I blew off real work for a cupcake with Bethie, she sent me a message: “You should write an autobiography.  It would be as interesting as Dolly Parton’s.”  I asked if that was good.  “OH YEAH”, she said.  Look, it’s not my fault that my friend’s mother who is a lesbian thinks I’m hot.  (Y’all, you cannot make crap like this up.)  On top of that, this morning, they totalled Marlene.  My beautiful gift of a car went over the threshold of damage that insurance companies like to pay and they totalled her out.  But, then!  I kept her!  AND a big fat check!  Haha.

I don’t ask for completely random shit to happen to me.  It just does.  The end.

Saturday though, just past, I got to participate in some random beautiful.
I like that my life involves much giving.  It ain’t easy and a lot of times overwhelms my brain to the point that, like Pooh bear, I think it’s all just a lot of fluff up there.  But, seriously, giving of yourself results in living with less and outpouring of yourself to a point you didn’t know you could reach and being rewarded with the beam of a soul overwhelmed with gratitude.
It’s totally worth it.

This past weekend, Help Portrait Raleigh served a lot of folks.  Don’t ask me the official number, because I have no idea what it was.  But, it was, like, a lot.
In case you didn’t click on that little link, or you don’t already know, Help Portrait is a way to give worth to someone who is suffering or struggling.

Sidebar: This is exactly why I want to do photography.  Because I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life creating beautiful creations of crap that is only good on a shelf for a day or week or month that helps people know what kind of sandwich meat to buy.  No offense if you really love sandwich meat, but I just can’t wrap my head around doing that with my life.  Photography not only embraces my extrovert self and allows me to create, but it gives a person value.  Photos bring worth.  Ok, end of tangent.  Thanks for hanging in there.

For one day, this year in all 50 states and in over 60 countries, professional photographers and hair stylists and make-up artists and random people donate their time and their services to benefit those in need.  Families and individuals who might not get the chance to have a photo taken, maybe ever, are given that opportunity; to come to a location, get some food, a listening ear, a hug or 12, and a professional portrait of themselves not just taken, but printed, too.
For free.

Raleigh’s main location was at my beautiful church, Vintage21.  Wolf Camera donated a guy, Matt, for the whole day as well as two machines with which to print photographs, and all the supplies for them.  Within minutes, I recognized that he was drowning and jumped in.  At the end of the day, we discovered we are neighbors, living one block apart.

A family of migrant workers braved the snow to get dressed up and come have their first family portrait taken.
A 60 year old man told us that Saturday was the first time in his life having his picture taken with Santa Claus.
A beautiful older woman came because she had just reconnected with her daughter this past Thursday.  She gave her daughter up when she was 3 days old.  Her daughter is now in her 20’s and has never seen her mother.
And Michael.  Michael came.  Don’t worry, you’ll meet him soon.

By that night, exhaustion was fully on-set and I didn’t have a voice.
Totally worth it.
Totally, totally worth it.


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