Momma trainin’

November 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now, I sit in the chaos that is the holidays.  Though I did not travel to Charleston this year, Momma & Dad came up last weekend for a BLINK and I vote that counts.  My parents are beautiful, beautiful people.  If I were to do a list of things I am thankful for, they would be right up in the top few things.  Right after Jesus and chocolate cake.  (For the record, my Dad IS so great and totally fed us chocolate cake.  If you haven’t yet seen the Bill Cosby routine I am referencing, you should go make that happen. Ferreal.)

As I was one of the select few that was not on the road to anywhere this year, it afforded me the opportunity to help out one of our Vintage21 families by house and dog-sitting so they could get on the road to Virginia.  I was, and still am, glad to watch their adoreable pup, Margot (a name inspired by one of my most favorite movies ever, The Royal Tenenbaums.  If that isn’t the inspiration, well, I got nothin’).  Even though my last few hours with her resulted in me scouring the neighborhood by car, tricking her to get into the car, and cursing while bathing her once back home as she had rolled around in…something…on her morning galavant.  It was feces, for sure.  I just don’t know what KIND.
Yep, this is my life.

I really gag and cough and ack at all of that stuff, but I don’t entirely mind it.  I mean, right, I’m definitely not going to pick to do that with my free time, but it’s not a huge deal.  It’s just training for when someone will call me Momma.  At least the dog I can put in the tub, crank the water on, and hose her off.  Children make much more of a ruckus when  you do that sort of thing.

Watching Margot, as well as a whole week of me alone in my own house, has prepped me further for momma-hood.  Turns out, I am a terrible sleeper aloner.
Yes, that’s a word, don’t judge.
I cannot stand sleeping alone.  I knew this before, but didn’t realize how bad it was, since it was just a night or two at a time.  For almost a week, as I am doing now, I turn on a Celine Dion-esque Pandora station to try and shut my brain down.  Oh, I’m tired, believe me.  But, my brain, it doesn’t like to listen.  I then finally crawl into bed about 2am and wake up every 62 minutes, like clockwork.  This continues until about 915, when I finally give in and just get up already.  I’ve got incredible respect for momma’s after a week of this.  So, Paige, Amy, Tina, Andrea, Suzanne, Morgan, Claire, Nicole, Stephanie, Anne, and all you other mommas with wee ones, I’ll come cook for you whenever you’d like me to.  You all are amazing.

It certainly doesn’t help that I live in a not so nice area of Raleigh.  Many members of my faith family live on this side of town, as we desire to redeem a neighborhood in such need of love.  And then, this morning, as I unloaded my car once back to my home, there are shots fired just a couple of streets over.  As I stand there, wondering if I’ve just heard what I think I’ve heard, sirens go wailing down the next block.  A cruiser, an ambulance, another cruiser.  I don’t know which sound is louder.  The fear pounding through my veins or my heart, as it breaks into frail, tiny pieces at the thought of where the wailing cars will wind up.

Pray for Raleigh.


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