Highway schmighway. Life is a roller coaster.

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment


We share roots. I swear.







As I sit here, I am laughing.  Laughing at the beauty and crazy and roller coaster that has been the past few days.  It all started with Emily.

Emily Collins is one of the many beautiful women that brings huge value to my life.  There are quite a few of y’all, believe me, and she is a shining example.  I honestly can’t tell y’all some of our conversations because   A) You wouldn’t find us funny and B) San Caliente de Dulce can’t know how much I talk about him.  (Yeah, iss that bad.  Ha.)  In February, in my covered-in-Intelligentsia-menu-and-airplane-luggage-stickers journal (that is missing after my trip to Oh Canada), I wrote down the side in really big, red letters: PURSUE EMILY.  I felt this tug on my heart for this gorgeous girl that God totally brought along my way.  And 7 months(ish) later, she told me all about how she’s been talking to Jesus.  How she just went out in the car and just sobbed and laid it all out on our Dad.  Earlier this week, I did the exact same thing.

On Friday, I had 3.29 hours to get to work, get my check, go to the bank, go to Durham to pay rent, get back, take a shower, eat a corn dog/Lucky Charms (<—this is my life.), and go back to work to actually, you know, work.  Upon arriving at my downtown restaurant, I park in a loading zone, throw on my hazards, and run inside.  As per usual, I rip open the envelope to check my hours, and my stomach hit the floor.  My check was wrong.  It had to be.  Approximately 250 dollars wrong.  Over the next fifteenish minutes, we were on the horn with corporate, playing around on a computer, all trying to figure it out.  As the big wigs tried to figure it out with the fancy schmancy computer, my boss gave me the go-ahead to cash the check I had and I left, unsure of what I was going to do as far as rent goes.  Mostly freaking out, actually.  I walked outside to find the Raleigh parking “authority” (it’s actually a private company, but don’t get me started) putting a boot on my gift, Marlene.  Even though the process wasn’t even started, it didn’t matter.  These fantastic people informed me I couldn’t have Marlene back at ALL until I paid $340.  Lemme just spell that out for you….THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTY EFFING DOLLARS.

I couldn’t breathe, frankly.
I went back inside my work, past my boss who took one look at me and goes, “Oh God…I don’t like that face what ISTHISFACE???”
I went back inside, to our back room, sat in a corner, and sobbed.
I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t have the resources for this.  I didn’t have a clue how to solve my problem. Through my tears, I just let it all out.  “I can’t fix this…I have no power to fix this.  You…you can fix this. Please, just tell me what to do.  I am listening.”
And, as Emily has said, “it was almost like He was standing in front of me with his arms crossed, hip cocked, lookin at me like, I WAS WAITING TO SEE HOW LONG IT WAS GONNA TAKE YOU.”

I called my Daddy.  My Daddy can fix anything.  No answer.  I called my friend, Courtney.  She was at work, no answer.  I called my Community Group leader, Will.  Will answered, as he was at lunch.  And, despite my best efforts, I proceeded to lose it over the phone.
This was at 130.  By 430, through the power of community and Jesus, I was at work, showered, fed, even had time to go to Target (with Bethie!), and at work.  Marlene was without a boot and parked LEGALLY.
Y’all, there is no way in hell I could have done this.  Absolutely no way.

It just amazes me how a conversation I have with Emily on Wednesday plays out so beautifully throughout my week.  I told her how I just wanted a couple of hours to relax.  “I wake up tense, I go to bed tense, I worry all day…” I tell her.  On the very next day, a good friend unexpectedly treated to amazing food and wine.  I left feeling like a different person.   Then, Friday happened.
I say all the time we were made for community.  A radiating example proving my point, I’d say this week has been.

Is your week ever like this?  I’m not the only one dealing with crazy roller coasters and not paying her parking tickets, right?

If I’m not alone, and you too have a hard time not just throwing in the towel, I’ll share with you the wise words of that beautiful woman that keeps me going:

Just go be the best version of yourself.
Keep running.
Now go crank up some Biggie and get to work.

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