My life is random. But, HILARIOUS.

October 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

See, what ha’ happen was…last weekend, I was at work.  Duh, where am I every weekend?

On the Saturday, I got cut super early.  Super super super early.  Normally out between 930pm and 11, my boss told me at 735pm that if I wanted to take off, I was more than welcome.  And he was smiling about it!  I bolted outta there before he could change his mind.  Got home, changed clothes, and received a tweet from the really awesome Dave Pond.  “You got out?  GET DOWN HERE!”
What he was referring to was the Whose Rhyme Is it Anyway? jam on campus.  Dave knew the guys, helped set it up, and was working it.  A freestyle rap/hip-hop show?  Fo’ free???  You betchya I’m going.

And just like that, my Saturday night went from Hulu and pj pants to rockin’ out with some really amazing folk.  I mean, for serious.
Heath McNease,  Playdough, & Manchild turned out to be some of the raddest dudes to ever come across my path.  Ever hang out with folks and, right in the middle of a conversation, your brain kicks in “Yes.  These are your people.  Enjoy this.”?  Totally happened.  More than once.

And, as I am standing in the back chatting with Dave and a couple of other guys, my friend Sarah is sitting towards the back.  Hearing my voice, she turns around.  Sarah is in my community group at Vintage and we were both utterly shocked the other was there.  She came along with to the after party/after show of Heath at Ruckus Pizza.  When I had to take-off around midnight, I was really bummed.
Stupid adulthood and its responsibilities.  GOSH.

The next day, my friend Mike learned of my Saturday evening and I think would have reached through the computer screen and strangled me, if he could have.  “Tell me, Amaris, you at least got a PICTURE with these dudes.”  Ack.  All I got is this (taken because Heath’s bank has my name!!! Well, mostly.):


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