Every girl should get a sister. By blood or by choice, they are one of the greatest gifts.

October 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Do you see that beautiful girl on the opposite end from me?  Absolutely losing it?
That, dear ones, is Renee’ Hames.  And this face is oh-so-typical of her.

I am not lying when I say I am the boring sibling.  The other two make me look about as humorous as Gomer Pyle.  Renee’, especially, leaves you about two seconds to get a word in edgewise as she can twist and contort words (and your clothing choices you made that day) to leave you unable to breathe you are laughing so hard.

When we lived in Guilford County, for instance, she was in the 4th grade, me the 6th, my brother the 2nd.  On the way home from…somewhere…Dad asked us if we wanted a treat.  Well, DUH.  Of course we did!  Off to Hardee’s we went for a cookie or 7 and, for time’s sake, or sanity’s sake (have you ever tried to pile 5 people into a fast food restaurant for just a cookie?  Five people…three of whom are under the age of 12?  Exactly.)
Anyways, we went through the drive-thru.  As we wait, we realize our cashier’s name tag reads “Lulu” and she has tar black painted fingernails.  This kind of creeped all of us out and we were doing our best to keep it together.  As we pull away, Renee’ pulls her cookie out of it’s lil’ bag to discover that there is a perfect bite taken out of the bottom.
Mortified.  Absolutely mortified.
“Momma, Lulu took a bite outta my COOKIE!!!!!!  Lulu with the black fingernails!!!!!!!
Momma, I can’t eat this cookie!!!  This is GROSS!!  What is her problem???  Who does that?  Takin’ a bite outta my cookie…”

We were all in stitches and proceeded to harass her about it the whole drive home.  To this day, we joke about Lulu and her black fingernails.

A voicemail she left last year is still saved on my phone (yep, last year).  For awhile, my voicemail said “Please leave your information at the beep”.  Nee’ got it and after the beep left this:
“Hiiiiiiii, my name’s Renee’, I’m calling because I’m YOUR SISTER…I’m a Libra, I like long walks on the beach, Italian food, and I prefer dogs to cats, though I could go either way on that really.  Ok BAH!”

Don’t think we’re all pretty and perfect and laughing all the time though.  Renee’ and I didn’t really get along until I hopped on a plane to Africa 10 days after graduating high school.  She gave me a letter for the plane that managed to reach in and grab the reins of my heart.  I can honestly say that, before that moment, I didn’t really understand the full weight of being “the big sister”.  Before then, there was a lot of screaming, and yelling, and basically avoiding each other.  See, she is everything I am not.  I played football in the backyard, dated the big teddy bear boy, loved playing in the dirt, and didn’t really care about what I looked like.

This last one is what really drove her nuts.  She would be up and getting ready for school for over an hour. I would crawl outta bed, throw clothes and my Birkenstock’s on, grab toast for the ride, and hop in the car.  I think she still gets infuriated by that.

Renee’ has always been the knock-out.  She dated the hot menz, even in the 5th grade mind you, and was a cheerleader (could you even IMAGINE me as a cheerleader?  Don’t answer that).  Immensely popular everywhere we moved, she loved gymnastics, and prefers to wear make-up.
She’s the girly-girl and I’m the tomboy.  She sucks at math, I rock at math.  We’re both artists but, while she loves drawing and painting, I usually need a computer to make something beautiful.
We balance each other out.

Since realizing how awesome the other person is, we’ve partied together, met up in Chicago to go shopping, and thank God for free Verizon to Verizon minutes or we’d be in serious trouble.  I love that when something is going on in our lives or our families, I can pick up the phone and call her, even if all I can do is leave a ridiculous voicemail.  She reminds me that I am not alone in the world, no matter how different we are.

She moved to Texas a few years ago and fell in love with it.  Came home to Charleston for a bit and has now moved back.  Sigh.  So far away.  How am I supposed to do really random ridiculous things when she’s in a town where I know NO one?  (Sidebar:  If you know folks in the Houston area that would help with shenanigans, you let me know!)

She is my sister by blood, but she is my great friend by choice.
I am thankful for this woman.
Happy Birthday, Nee’-Nee’.


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