I’m a failure as a daughter. This is proof.

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Note:  This blog post was written in June.  Like, 3rd week of June, after returning home from a road trip with my Momma.  And somehow got lost in the “drafts” folder (who checks that???).  So, Momma, I’m sorry this is so freaking stinking late.
Love you fren!

Circa college years



Good people, I have missed you.
It was all for a good cause.

Momma and I took off to the greater Philadelphia area last Sunday and ate at Cracker Barrel not once, but twice.  We also became very thankful for McDonald’s.  I never thought I would say that. Both places serve southern-style sweet tea “above the line” and we are forever grateful.  Don’t you worry, we definitely had cheesesteaks and I introduced her to handmade cannoli for the first time in her LIFE.  My crazy Italian friend, Alyson, was very very proud.

This was also her first time in a city larger than Raleigh.  If you know me, and how I much I lovez me a big city, I couldn’t believe it.  Until we were driving around downtown and she’s just gawking, “Oh my GAWD.  It just never ends!”
“Toronto is like twice the size of this.”
“Good.  God.”
Somehow, I did not put this together until, while driving through DC (or Baltimore, or Philly…it was a long day) she eeked and gasped and Lord-have-mercy’d while I drove. At one point, after much of this, in the midst of a lane change, I yelled “Just close your eyes and lean your chair back.  I’ll let you know when it’s all over.”  Which she did!
“Amaris, I’m so glad you’re driving.  I’m humble enough to admit that.”
All is well, by the way.  We arrived and returned safely.  Not even a love tap.

This trip was two-fold.  One, she wanted a road trip for her birthday.  We Harris women do NOT sit still very well. But dos, she wanted a road trip to Philadelphia to see her friend, Drew, whom she had not seen since the 70’s when she was wearing sky blue elephant-bell hip-hugger jeans.  (You cannot make this stuff up.  I attempted to find a picture, but she is still in Charleston, 4 hours away.  I promise, there are pictures.)  Drew deals daily with multiple sclerosis.  He has a room in an assisted living facility and Medicare will no longer pay for his physical therapy, which instantly broke my heart.  I knew within minutes why him and my mother were such good friends.  This boy has a ridiculous amount of sass.  Ridiculous.  Though the disease has started to effect his speech, he makes himself clearly understood.  Within 48 hours, he was referring to us as the “Southern invasion.”

We walked alllllll over Philly and got to see my very kind friend, Tom, who treated us to dinner.  I had not seen him in over 3 years and it was absolutely great to catch up with him.  While Momma went to spend a bit more time with her old friend, I shared a beer with my old friend.  A decision I regretted later only in that it was my first beer in over a month and the reflux woke me up at 2am.  <—- When did I become old?  Next thing you know, I’ll be popping Tums with my breakfast.
Ok, that was gross.  I’m sorry.

After a gallavant the next day to see Tom (again!) and hit up some Amish country….which, btw, is BIZARRE. The Amish order, in a lot of ways, is really beautiful.  But, in a lot of ways, I was really really confused.  If you are Amish, I’d love to chat with you.  For serious.

We scurried home to Raleigh and Momma stayed a day or so before heading to see Gran-Gran.  That’s my Momma’s Momma.  I was sad and disappointed I couldn’t go with her.  But, I was thankful I could listen and love and surprise her with Hershey bars en route to Philly (and back).
(We Harris women will do just. about. ANYTHING for a piece of chocolate.  You’re welcome for that lil’ tidbit the next time one of us is cranky.)

I knew Momma needed me for more than just the big city driving.
Happy Birthday, woman.

Us. We are awesome.


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