October 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

First night with new community.  Foreign and home all at the same time.  A branch from my last, very recent, new community that I felt a part of instantaneously.
One of the beautiful women in it is doing my laundry and bringing it to me tomorrow.
Y’all….YES.  I am so incredibly thankful I can’t even tell you.  This.  THIS is community as it was intended.

We share our lives and our thoughts and our food and ourselves.  As folks have need, other folks step up.  If you can give of something (time, money, hugs, prayer, food, washer!), do it.  Love that I have been brought in to this group of people.

During some of the sharing, I vocalized the cycle I am currently stuck in.
The art is what I love.  But, at the moment, is not stable enough to pay the bills.  Nor compensated enough to pay for the new gear I need in order to attract the business to pay the bills.  So, I work at the Duck, to pay the bills (most of the time).  Which causes my time to be consumed with working at the restaurant, a full load of classes, and creating art.

All of this increases stress, which increases the occurrence of my gorgeous and super fun skin disease.  And the art makes it better.   Brings down the stress level.
But, I’m three semesters or less away from being DONE.
I can’t quit now.

But, I also must eat.


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