Love it. And then some.

October 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

The amount of images I now have is ridiculous. If you have an iMac, I’d watch out. Lest I come by, “borrow” it, and disappear to a beach motel with a case of wine for a week or three.

Wow. That sounds wonderful. Beach motel. Me. Wine. Editing photography.
If I disappear, don’t track me down.

Before this past weekend, my thought was that if I could make it through this, I could handle this as a job. (Two family portrait sessions, a friends portrait session, and two weddings…all in four days.)

Not only did I enjoy it, the last two days I was running a fever!

Here’s a couple of favorites.

PS-Unofficially (but kind of officially) I’m trading in all my gear for Canon.


Chavez & Kendall






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§ One Response to Love it. And then some.

  • rosalie! says:

    holler! white girl got ups! thanks again for putting up w/ my “have you ever had your picture taken before” self. you rule.

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